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Gaining Weight In a Service Academy


I have a friend at the Naval Academy who is pretty desperate to put on some muscle mass but also has to do long distance running and bodyweight training for physical fitness tests. I am trying to put him on a full body workout three times a week with only minimal running. He says his diet is about 4000 calories and 200 g of protein at a bodyweight of 170. Does anyone have any basic tips I could give him for trying to put on size while staying in a pretty high level of cardiovascular shape?


He needs to do sprints and have little rest between sets in the gym. Keeping the heart rate up and sustaining said heart rate will do plenty to keep the old heart and lungs in shape for the PT test.


eat...more...food. Weight gain isn't a "can" or "can't" issue. If he's eating X amount of food, and isn't getting bigger, he needs to eat X+500.

As for the training, 3 full body sessions a week are a fine start. When you say he has to do long distance running and bodyweight stuff, are those just his goals/requirements, or is he training them right now?


I was a West Point Cadet.During your first year they put you through a lot of crazy shit during meals so it's hard to really eat enough. I couldn't put on weight until I got onto a Corps squad athletic team, which meant that I ate with the team instead of the masters of discipline.Any Corps squad team will do. I chose rugby because it was relatively obscure, which increased my chances of making the cut.(I had never even seen a rugby game before.)Go Army.