Gaining Weight for Sport

recently a few division 1 colleges have contacted me and told me they are interested in me playing for their program, however, need to see me put on about 20-25 pounds in order to really compete at that level.

i am currently 6’2" and 160lbs and am a senior in high school.

how fast can I realistically gain that much lean body mass? I’m obviously not going to be able to bulk and put on very much if any fat because that would slow me down on the court.

Kind of wondering what type of program I should follow and everything. I have followed some splits out there like defrancos, straight westside, and bill starrs 5x5. the 5x5 always seems to put on the most strength but I do not ever gain much weight or mass from that.

Any help is appreciated. thanks.

If you are getting stronger on those programs but not gaining weight, then the problem is most definitely with the amount you are eating. Read Massive Eating and Massive Eating Reloaded by John Berardi. As a basketball player, you are going to require a lot of energy just for your daily activities and basketball, let alone to gain mass.

I would go with Westside For Skinny Bastards 3, use the drills and what not that Defranco includes so you can stay fast while you are gaining weight.

I agree with autodiadect. Your not EATING ENOUGH FOOD. Your 6’2" and only 160lbs! My bro nearly weighs that much and he’s 5’5 and lean.


as a former high school/college bball player, i can tell you, if you are in season and you think you’re eating enough (especially at your age) you’re not. eat good food (clean, unprocessed whenever possible) every 3 hours or so. not a full meal’s worth. Also, make sure you’re getting enough protein. chances are, whatever your cafeteria is serving you for lunch is not enough to get you through a practice that can last as late as 5:30. Eat a small meal/snack about an hour before practice

try to drink a gallon of milk a day.

Do Not try and drink a gallon of milk…thats pointless and most likely will just give you an upset stomach. Eat FOOD, large balanced meals.

[quote]Nick50 wrote:
Do Not try and drink a gallon of milk…thats pointless and most likely will just give you an upset stomach. Eat FOOD, large balanced meals.[/quote]

That’s not true about the milk. I go to a fairly large uni and I don’t trust the cafeteria meat, so I drink skim milk for lots of calories and protein. I eat at the caf 4 times a day, and drink 4 glasses of milk at each meal. That’s about 1 1/3 gallon of milk a day.

It’s not really that fun, but it definitely does work.

If he is doing a lot of running (which he is-he is a basketball player), then a gallon of milk a day is most likely going to mess him up. Milk is loaded with high GI carbs that will spike his insulin and he may have a mild allergy to lactose (a very large percentage of people do) and if he does, consuming dairy products will lead to elevated cortisol levels. Remember that part about him needing to gain lean mass and to retain his athleticism? According to his needs, a full out “milk bulk” is a bad idea. Did you guys even read the post or did you just see “need to gain weight” and spit out “SQUATS AND MILK!”?

Just because you do it doesnt mean that its best for you, let alone for this guy who may be completely different from you. Instead of parroting the same old “SQUATS AND MILK” responses, put some thought into what you are saying. Can you honestly say that youd be fine playing 60-90 minutes of basketball on a daily basis with 1/2 gallon of milk in your stomach?