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Gaining Weight, But One Complaint


Hey guys this is my first time posting. I am like all the other little weak guys that have used a fast metabolism as an excuse for not gaining weight. I have really worked on my diet for the last few months and have finally started putting on some lbs. I am 6'0'' and have gone from 180 to 204 in 3 months.

I am consuming 3500 to 4500 calories a day. Just being honest I dont always get to my 4000 mark. Trying to get 200 grams of protein each day but its tough. What made the difference for my is I started to look at my food the way I look at the weights in the gym. Eating started to become a workout and it worked!

The one problem I have is the bloating in my stomach. I still have the cuts in my stomach but it sticks out further. Is this something that will go away eventually and is it just a result of all the calories? Something wrong with diet? Also will I have to continue to eat like this to maintain my goal weight of 215?

You guys are great thanks for the help!


By the sound of it you are probably force feeding a bit (this isnt bad)

The bloat is most likely caused just by the volume of the food you are eating.. it takes place in your stomach you know..

Do you feel/look as bloated in the morning than at the end of the day ? (my guess is : no)

As long as you bulk and as long as your stomach is full you will have this bloated look yes.

It will go away when you lower calories tough

Just think of it as a balloon.. the more you put air in it.. the more it expands


Yea true its not there in the morning. Why is it we wake up with our muscles swoll in the morning? my chest looks great in the morning lol. When I lower the calories will I be able to maintain the weight? I guess everyone is different and Ill just have to find that happy medium that works for me.


Nice job on the move from 180 to 204. As has been said, the bloated feeling is normal. If you reduce your calories your bodyweight will gradually return to 180. You have to train with the extra bodyweight for a significant period of time for your body to have a reason to adjust.

If your ultimate goal is to weigh a lean 215 someday, you will need to get your bodyweight above 235 or so and spend a couple of years training at that weight. You may have to push the calories above 5,000 to make that happen. It is very difficult to remain 'goal driven' during these periods....that is why there are few lean, natural lifters at 2.8-3.0 lbs per inch of height.


When I first started lifting I had very similar issues. Eating around 4,000kcal/day, I had pretty bad bloating and gas daily. At first I thought it as because I just ate so much all the time.
Eventually I learned that through my massive milk consumption I had slowly made myself lactose intolerant, which was causing all my bloating. I eventually just cut out milk completely, and haven't had issues since.
That might not be your problem at all, but something to consider if you consume alot of dairy.


One, what I consider to be a rather unlikey, explanation is visceral fat accumulation.



if its legit bloat, try adding fiber or papaya enzymes for digestion.


Same here; I used to drink a lot of milk, and was one bloated mofo by the end of the day. I cut dairy from my diet and have noticed a big difference.


What he said is right on point. In my avatar picture I am about 218lbs and I am about 6'3" tall. I have a fast metabolism and to gain weight I need to eat about 5000-6000 calories a day and at that I can get up to about 235. I've gotten above 240 before but I was eating so much that it was uncomfortable and the gas was horrible. I have a full time job so that really isn't an option. On the bright side I can maintain 218lbs at 3600 calories a day. You just started eating this way so it is tough right now but you will get to the point that eating 3600 calories a day is easy. I highly recommend adding in shakes as they are much easier to digest then solid meals. As others have said you may have to watch the milk as it can get to be to hard on the stomach. I often mix my shakes with 1 cup of whole milk and the rest water if the milk is starting to get to me. I will add olive oil to the shakes if I need more calories.

As for the stomach sticking out yes that is from the food. When you stop eating as much your stomach will not stick out so much. You can probably already see the difference from when you wake up and your stomach is empty vs when you go to bed and your stomach is full.

If you get tired of eating this way just taper it off for a little bit. You will feel better and your body will do well from the break. Just make sure you don't eat so little that your stomach shrinks back up all the way.

Sounds like you are doing a good job so far so keep it up.


Thank you for the replies. Milk is not an issue. I only go through about a gallon a week. I make a shake about 1-2 hours after each meal. So 3 a day. I mix them with water because when I mix with milk I seem to lose my appetite for longer. When I mix with water I am hungry an hour or so later. visceral fat accumulation is not it.

I make all my meals from home. no fast food. Ill give a rundown of a normal day. I think Ill have to adjust my goals. I cant eat like this forever. Why cant my wife be attracted to lean and mean? LOL She likes the big rock lookin dudes. One thing that Im going to change is I dont do any cardio in the gym. Ill add 20 min 3 times a week.

breakfast 8am
bagel/cream cheese
mini wheats with protein powder

10 am

large sandwich lots of meat. pastrami, chicken etc. usually 2
cellery w/ peanut butter

2 pm

first dinner usually pasta dish. I make killer pastas

dinner with wife usually very healthy. chicken/ veggies/ potatoes

shake before bed


Viceral fat will still allow you to see your abs, it is beneath them. Like I said though its very unlikely, even more unlikely with your diet as posted above. If you dont mind my asking, why add the cardio if the goal is to be larger and you are not gaining fat?



Im not him but..

Adding cardio will

a) prevent fat gains that have probably already started or will start soon (or at least reduce them)

b) increase appetite

among other things


Wont the increased appetite/expenditure balance out in the end?



A bigger expenditure and a bigger consumption is better for nutrient partitionning

There was an article about this some time ago on this website

Look for g flux redux or something like that in the search function if you'd like more detailed info, article is by Berardi


Good job on the weight gain, I had a hard time gaining any weight until the beginning of this year when I really focused more on the diet aspect, and I've gained about 15lbs too, not nearly as good as your 30 but once you can keep zero-ing in on the diet, it'll all fall together