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Gaining Weight and Muscle Mass as 38 Yr Old Beginner

Hello I am a 6’4 155lb male age 38,very out of shape especially cardio and have terribly low testosterone levels and need to put on about 30lbs as well as get back in shape like i was in the 101st Airborne division US Army 5th special forces group please help.

Tall order but if you’ve been there before then your chances are better.

Make eating and sleep your priority. A good protein, carb and fat source at every meal (don’t skip meals) and a good night’s sleep will take you a long way.

Find a style of training you like (and a program that wasnt written by a clown), make sure it has conditioning and make sure it’s sustainable then go for it!

Start eating 2500 calories per day and see if you maintain or gain weight. You need to figure out your baseline and everyone is different.

How many days per week can you train?

How much time do you have to train on those days?

What do you enjoy doing (lifting, running, CrossFit)?

Yeah I call Bullshit on this thread…gut feeling


I have about an hour a day and I’m a army veteran so enjoy cross fit but need to put on weight fast and continue to maintain it also.

Unfortunately you’re 38 so there’s no way to quickly put on muscle. The body can only do so much. I’m not sure if you’re expectations/hopes & dreams are realistic.

You might want to visit the Pharma section and run CT’s Complete Power Look Program. It’s an ass-kicker.

were you 6’4 155 the time you were in the service?

Did you have blood work to confirm this?

Eat like a grizzly bear, lift like an ox, sleep like a baby. 30lb is possible even at 38. I was able to put 32lb on at age 38 in ~7mo. That includes ~10lb of fat but noob gains are the real deal. Dunno about your situation, but I was able to basically eat sleep lift for the first 4-5mo.

3-4k calories a day + 531 for hardgainers got me from 155 to 187. For what it’s worth I’m a little shorter than you are (6’2") but hadn’t touched a weight since I was ~15.