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Gaining Too Much Fat After Cycle, What Should I Do?

before telling you my story please be patient with me I am not here to be blamed for not being educated about what I was doing I know I made a mistake.
I just need your help and advice.
I am now 23 years old.
My story began last year in July after corona lockdown when gyms were closed for 2 months and then opened again, I felt like these two months were going to kill all my gains.

During these two months I started to wonder about steroids what are they and after reading a little bit about them I felt that they just have side effects that can be reversed by other drugs and nothing serious so I decided to do a steroid cycle.

Although I was back to the same level just in a month after gyms were opened I insisted on trying steroids I said to myself it won’t be a killer they won’t be much more dangerous than smoking and drinking and if my natty test went down by 2 or 3 percent after cycle it will still higher than other people who have unhealthy lifestyle, I was so arrogant about my natty test, I never felt sore after any gym session, had very high libido, easily able to masturbate 10-12 times a week with very good erection and shitloads of cum all signs of having high test levels.

I was in a good shape not too much fat, decent amount of muscle trained for 3 years before that time.

I asked a couch in the gym to give me steroids and I told him I want the shortest cycle possible something like 4 weeks - again I didn’t know at that time anything about them I thought I can just use them for 4 weeks and I will be turned to a monster-.
The coach gave me test C and primo he said you can take 3ml every week of each and then do a PCT.

I was so nervous about what I am doing I felt like I would kill myself so I decided to visit a doctor and ask him for an advice if I am going to do this anyway what can he tell me?!
I didn’t know which doctor I had to go to so I went to a urologist - I didn’t even know what the endocrine system is and what is endocrinology-

Instead of being guided by the doctor I was misguided more by him and lead to more complications, if you go to any doctor here in the middle east you won’t leave without a prescription and another appointment, and he prescribed me Nebido test he said that is a safer alternative for the drugs you want to use.
I was so naïve I said ok I will take it, it definitely won’t hurt after that I found some forums and then I started to understand what I was doing and I realized that I only took a small dose of test that has a very long ester which is completely the opposite of what I want.

So again I added with it the test C and the primo that the coach gave me for 4 weeks and I added HCG and arimidex and then waited till November - 17 weeks after the Nebido injection-
In summary to what I did,
I took nebido in July. Few days later I added HCG 500 IU EOD, 0.5 mg arimidex, test C 750 mg ew primo 300mg ew and then stopped completely in august and waited till November - 17 weeks after taking nebido - to test my blood and see what happened and my test was 214ng/dl

At that time I took 750IU EOD 4500iu in total and started taking clomid and nolva for 7 weeks I took aromasin 4 tablets in total in the last 2 weeks of my PCT and retested my test again and it was 1350ng/dl.

but since I stopped my PCT I am gaining too much fat and feel sore and have low libido every time I take a tablet of aromasin I have better sex drive and better erection -almost two days after taking it for few days- and then feel bad again so I kept taking almost a tablet every 10-15 days the last pill I took was on 8th of may.
I still didn’t test when I will test I will show you the results I will test only TT, E2, LH.

So my questions are:
1- Is it dangerous to keep taking aromasin in this frequency even if it makes me feel better? I am afraid that it may lead to desensitization in the pituitary gland.
2- Can I be in calorie deficit if my test was just at the lower end of the normal levels?
3- Do I still have hope to feel like my old self?

Stop taking aromasin. Calorie deficit plus more cardio. Give yourself time to return to normal. Those are the answers to your questions. Next round of blood work will let you know if you need to make any other changes. Otherwise time is what you need more than anything else.

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  1. Yes. Stop taking it. You’re not on cycle. This is only complicating things A LOT. Your estrogen is likely crashed and it’s going to take you a few weeks to recover from that.

  2. Yes. You can always be in a calorie deficit if you want to. I would run maintenance calories until you get your hormones figured out. Being in a deficit can affect your energy and libido. Eat at maintenance right not to avoid that extra variable.

  3. Yes. Quit the aromasin. Go get your bloods checked as soon as possible and post them here. Make sure to include Total testosterone, FSH, LH and estradiol (sensitive).

but I feel I am going to lose all my muscles if I will be in a calorie deficit, I was naturally shredding fat even without counting calories before touching steroids which made me feel that shredding fat happens anyway when you are healthy.

I have a feeling that I may return to normal levels but I won’t be anything close to where I was so why I don’t just be on test for the rest of my life?
I did the cycle because I wanted to look better than I was not to be worse.

It’ll happen when you’re burning more than you are consuming, whether you count calories or not.

I understand the “feeling” that you’ll lose your muscle if you diet, but the reality is you can keep that to a minimum with the right diet, workouts and maybe hormone use

Reading this almost got me menstruating.

Stop all the drugs. Your cycle and PCT are over.

Get bloods at least a week after you took the last Aromasin pill. You can get them before but we won’t know what your new normal is then. What we would know if you get them earlier is if you crashed your estrogen, which I think you did.

I would also not go into a caloric deficit now. Just eat healthy and high protein, favorable would be at maintenance. You can diet when you feel good again.


Good advice here.

Thanks brother

Not possible sir. A man doesn’t have ovaries