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Gaining supplement free

I take about 30 pills a day which does not put me in a very good position for taking supplements.
I’ve noticed that most guys doing programs like GVT/OVT/Growth Surge supplement their training with Mag10 or something else. Is it possible to regimens these programs well without anything?
Or should I go for a bit less intense?

I only use creatine and whey protein.

Then again, I am 16, so I’m on my own form of natural steroids as it is…

What do you think the guys twenty and thirty years ago did?

I only use vitamins and MRPs. And the MRPs only out of convenience. You can build an excellent body without supplements. Supplements are just that - supplemental. I’m not saying they can’t help, just that you can still do extraordinary things without them.

Hey Sergius,
What are the 30 pills a day, maybe you need to prioritze and go from there.I would pick post workout nutrition over some other forms of supplementation.

I can only afford Mag-10, tribulus, and M about 2-3 times a year. All I take the rest of the year is MRP, creatine, and ZMA. Vary your workout in intensity and volume so that your body doesn’t adapt.

Goldberg-As far as I knew I thought they used steroids, just hardly as advanced as what we have now. I know stories of Russian Olympic Bodybuilders who were being constantly juiced.
T-Ren-the thirty pills a day are for Crohn’s and an adrenal insufficiency which requires steroids but not the good kind. I’ve also got some other problems stemming from the aforementioned ones that require medication.
With this many, I’ve been told by about seven different doctors that I can’t take anything else lest risk throwing off the balance.

Hey Sergius,
Tough break man, sorry. I would double check with the doctors on the surge, since there really isn’t anything that is a “stimulant” or an irritant in it. In fact it might actually help with Crohns to some degree since it is readily available “food” your body doesn’t have to work at to digest.
Also you may want to check out a book by a naturopathic doctor that “healed” himself from crohns, it’s called “Physician heal thyself”. I read it, it sounded intriguing and like it could help a lot of people in general to better health, but hard to say since I don’t have crohns. Yah, it’s fringe and may sound like quackery, but hey if it helps…


Sounds like you need to get your diet in order. Steroids never solve the problem, only cover it up.

NeilG–When did I say I did or wanted to take steroids?
Besides I’m on a bulking version of t-dawg 2.0, which is working fine and giving me a lot of energy.


You said it right here:

“T-Ren-the thirty pills a day are for Crohn’s and an adrenal insufficiency which requires steroids but not the good kind.”

NeilG-he is referring to glucocorticoids. not anabolics.


Uh, yeah? Who ever mentioned anabolic steroids?? I can’t imagine why he would assume that I wasn’t discussing what he mentioned.

Wow, along with being an 18 year old newbie with less than a year of training experience, NealG is now a doctor too!

Didn’t you promise to go away, like, a month ago? Or was that a “joke” like your one arm wide grip pull-up post?

NeilG, I had an ex girl friend with crohns. you HAVE to take those drugs. its not covering up anything.


That doesn’t change the fact that it doesn’t address the problem.


You have to understand that NeilG is a “self-proclaimed” fitness and nutrition expert specializing in bad, limited, and often times absolutely wrong information.


Listen to posters like Goldberg, I’ve been lifting and researching hardcore for almost 5 yrs. but rarely post as I still have much to learn, and there was a time that I was like 'ol NeilG and thought I knew everything, although my back never looked that crappy!


You have yet to have anything valuable to offer, and what makes me angry is that you offer it to newbies (not you serg)! Instead of spending so much time trying to prove yourself as a “guru” on this board and making an idiot of yourself, go to the gym and work on that back of yours!

Please, PLEASE tell me how to control a Crohn’s exacerbation without steroids.

Give me more unproven, theoretical, outlandish diet bullshit. Please.

NeilG, when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

I think Neil is the type of person who, when proven wrong on every thread, instead of thinking “Gee, I must be wrong on this one” instead decides that he must be smarter than the experienced lifters, the doctors and the T-mag writers. There’s a psychological disorder in there somewhere.

Every thread you post on goes to shit, Neil. You even wrote before that you were already kicked off another board. Gee, no wonder!

I’m sorry I helped contribute to the downfall of this one, but as I said in another thread, it’s painful to watch you pass out such bad info, especially when some newbies even newer than you may believe it.

What i think NeilG is getting at is that sergius could aleviate the problems by eating Liver and saturated fat. Isn’t the cure all, NG? oh and overhead squats… ofcourse…