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Gaining Strength Whilst Maintaining Body Weight?

Hello everyone, here are my current stats to give some background;

Height - 6”0
Weight - 83KG
Body Fat - 11-12%

Estimated 1RMs:
Squat - 170KG/375lbs
Bench - 110KG/242lbs
Deadlift - 210KG/462lbs
Press - 75KG/165lbs

I’ve been lifting consistently for around 4 years and have been on 531 for approximately 4 cycles so far with good results.

I do a 531 2 day routine, which consists of Squat/Bench on day 1 and Deadlift/Press on the other, followed by 3x5 FSL and Bodyweight Accessories, I also ensure I do Ab work along with conditioning through Prowler\Battle Ropes. Due to my busy schedule which also consists of BJJ, twice a week is a good balance for my training.

I’m at a stage now where I’m very happy with my physique and would like to maintain around the 83KG body weight mark but I would also like to increase my strength. I am therefore eating at maintenance level calories.

Is it possible to gradually gain strength through 531 whilst maintaining the same body weight?

Your replies are appreciated, thanks.

yes, why would it be impossible ?

Our lifts aren’t too far apart man. Weight too but I’m a manlet height

While I can’t at all relate to being satisfied physique wise I’m pretty sure at our level we can get stronger even in a deficit. Just because it’s possible doesn’t mean it like efficient though. It be a faster easier safer process if you strategically used caloric surpluses for certain periods of time I think. Since you’re a taller guy I think this is even more important

You can always do a quick cut anytime you want back to this physique (might even be better with a bit more muscle) because a small surplus will only have you gain a couple of kilos it’s not like you’re gonna be a fat ass


Thanks Man, that’s useful. I think I will go into a slight surplus and like you say I can always cut back down and hopefully retain the strength.

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