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Gaining Strength, Not Weight

My main question is about diet, I want to get really strong in my weight class (242, I weight 235 now). But I don’t want to go up a class because I wont be able to keep up with my compitition.

I train Westside, and my diet is based around Massive Eating Re-loaded. Is there more to this than to just eat at my maintance level? My first meet I was a 220, my second I weighted in at 230 and my total went up 50lbs. what are some of the diet “tricks” that have helped you guys out.
Thanks in advance

If you lift in the 242 class, you should try to weigh between 245-255 and lose water weight before weigh-ins. Then pig out after weigh-ins to add back weight and get a nice bloat going. You’ll actually be lifting at around 250. If you weigh 235, you could be lifting in the 220 class without too much trouble. I’d ask Eric Cressey about his diet manipulations before a meet as he has the experience and knowledge you’re looking for.