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Gaining Strength During Football


High school football season is coming up, so questions are going through my mind. I'm going to be playing offensive and defensive line, and im wondering if I can still increase my strength during the season. 4 days of practice a week, 1 game day, school during the day, weekends off.

All I have been doing for 9 months now is weightlifting, so practices will be new for my body. Any weightlifing sessions will have to be done in the morning before school or on the weekend days (They could be done after practice, but that would mean literally my entire day is full, no free time).

My question is how should I be lifting during the season (sets/reps and how many times a week)? Are there any programs out there designed for someone in this position? I'm not really comfortable trying to design my own program. Is it realistic to hope for decent strength increases during the season, provided that I eat enough?


I could have sworn that one of the versions of WS4SB had an in-season routine.

Check on that.


It will be tough to increase your strength during the season, but in-season lifting will provide maintenance and injury prevention. Email me and I can get you some sample in-season workouts that we provide for our athletes.


I'd say, in high school, you should definitely still be getting stronger in-season.


Yes, I've gained strength during football seasons. I've never gained much weight in a season, though.


I was reading about Bama's strength program a while back, and I am pretty sure they just do their dead level best to not lose any and keep their weight up, which is tough enough to do with the season going on. They gain all the strength and weight they can during the off-season.


IMO a lot depends on how much actual playing time you'll be getting and how physical your practices are.

Are you a starter? If so, varsity or JV? Both ways?
How often are you full contact/full pads in practice?
What type of offense do you run (will you be mainly run blocking/driving or pass blocking/zone scheming for the run game?

Through my high school days, I started both ways which took a major toll on my body, so I would resort to a Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday Full body, lower body, upper body split (if games are Fridays). That way you can take Saturday off to just heal from the beating you take in a game. I would gain some strength (not as much as I would out of season) but never weight.

Last year I was a benchwarmer on my college team. I saw time in two games all year pretty much. Add in that I'm a quarterback and you can take getting beat up in practice out of the picture. I would lift pretty much normally, unless I knew I was in line for some playing time that week.

The most important thing you can do however is to realize that you need to DRASTICALLY up your calories in season to even maintain strength and weight. This is something that I always neglected and it really hurt my ability to gain.