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Gaining Strength Back After Break


Hey everybody, first time poster who was looking for possibly some advice from others who may have had similar experiences with getting back into an intense regimen after a 6-8 month break.

So I am a former college football player who finished up my career last Fall and have just had a lot happening with graduation/life since the season ended to really get back on a solid workout regimen.

So I have always worked hard with powerlifting in both my upper/lower body (575 lb squat prior to ACL/MCL/Meniscus repair & a 430 lb bench press). While I do not squat nearly that heavy anymore, I have been working to get my upper body strength back up near where it was at my peak last August.

So right now my bench has fallen close to the 365 lb mark, pretty much a 60 lb drop in that time frame. Today I am starting back on a 5-6 day a week regimen, and while I was going to use some of the former programs I have used, I was wondering if anyone has had a similar situation and had a workout or advice that really worked for them in regaining their strength. I have used many programs for myself that have worked over the years, but have never really been a situation where I was looking to regain strength like this following a break (rather than something like rehab like with my knee) than just adding on to my current strength.

I appreciate it any advice/help from others and thank you for any comments you are able to provide.


I’ve done it from getting sick and also getting hurt, just lift the same as you normally do. The main thing is you have no mental block you’ve hit the weight before and know this so it’s much easier to jump back up in weight.