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Gaining Strength and Macro Configuration


Hey guys! Alrighty so I need advice and some direction. I recently came off of a calorie deficit macro program after 4 months (I reached goal weight of 145...YAY!) well, during my deficit I didn't notice much strength gain...lots of definition sure, but hardly any strength. I'm assuming this was normal and due to not eating enough for strength.

Well, I began eating at a maintainance and now I have a few questions! I do train about 5-6 days a week (crossfit and olympic/power lifting. strength straining about 4 of those days with light weight training on the 5th. HIIT is usually done on all days)
I'm following Krissy Mae Cagney's Flexible Dieting for the Modern Athlete.

Here are my Maintainance macros and cals: cals-1906 Fat-67 carbs-193 protein-133
I do usually try to eat complex carbs around my workout (2 hour prior and then after)

My questions are:
-on my training days am I supposed to add a few hundred cals to my Maintainance or just eat more complex carbs on those days as apposed to off days?

-on my off days am I supposed to lower the amount of carbs in total or just not have too many complex carbs? If I do have to lower carb total am I supposed to increase fats?

Geez, it's a bit confusing lol
Hopefully I express my questions in am understandable way :slight_smile: I'd appreciate any and all input!