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gaining size

well ive trying to put on size wiht minimal fat gain i know some fat gain is gonna come but im not sure how i should do this. I know if i cut back on the carbs then i might not grow but then if i keep adding 2-3grams of carbs per pound of bodyweight ill gain body fat its very trick any suggestions out tehre?? and should i do some cardio to maybe help maintain a certain bodyfat

Try the “Massive Eating” diet.

I’ve been using the Massive Eating diet also, but I also do 15 minutes of cardio 4 or 5 times a week with no negative effect on lean muscle. I have increased my strength a lot over the last 3 weeks even with the cardio.

just my personal experience. i had the same trouble of putting on bodyfat when i increased my carbs so i decided to crank my protein intake way up and it really helped. i put on about seven or eight pounds in the last year or so. don’t know if that’ll help you but it worked for me.