Gaining Size On Neuro Type 1 Program

Hey Coach,

So after reading your article on neurotyping, I’m really curious how a type 1 will pack on size with the rep scheme laid out?

If I’m reading it correctly, I should only be doing 2-3 exercises per workout. With 2-3 working sets of 3 reps?

For a natural athlete, will this type of training be effective for growth?

I personally feel like I can handle more volume, however, when I take the test I am definitely a type 1A, I can’t focus for shit.

Any guidance would be appreciated!

Thank you!

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For growth you’d need methods that still have a low reps feel like clusters, low reps rest pause (4 reps/rest 15 sec/2 reps/rest 15 sec/1-2 reps) or EMOMs


Thank you! Will give it a try!

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