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Gaining Size, Not Strength


Why is this happening?

Gentlemen, and ladies of TNation.

I come to you, for aid. Please help me get fucking stronger, fucking bigger, and fucking leaner. :slight_smile:

Ok, but really though. Iv been lifting on and off (more on) for the past 2 years (health issues, family issues, work issues, school issues, issues) all got in the way of doing what I like to do; masterb..er i mean lift.

I'm at a point in my life where everything is now running smoothly, and Id like to follow a training program and diet regiment. I just need to be pointed in the right direction. I havent noticed any strength gains, but have noticed size gains so something is working here.

Just please. Help a brochacho out. I just wanna pick things up and put them down and see some fucking results.

"And if i didnt know, now id like to know, whitey"


Pick a reputable program, buy the book, and follow it to a fucking T. Take some pics, text your maxes before starting, then repeat in a year from now.


If this is true, then I recommend Wendler's 5/3/1 program. You can buy the E-book in the store on this site. The program is simple, and if your diet is reasonably good, you will certainly see results.


Dude, your story makes no sense.

When you masterb...that's for the strenf, when you masturb...that's for the size.

Are you sure you don't have it pointed in the wrong direction?

(edited for 'da laughs)


Sounds like you're after a strength training program.
Would be nice if T Nation had a section full of training programs with categories as this very site has produced hundreds of them.
Unfortunately they don't but there is a Powerlifting forum on this site and lots of strength programs get brought up on there.

Have a read of this:


Hmm, im not necessarily looking to just get stronger. Id like to keep the size increase, but just cant seem to grasp why i havent gotten much stronger..

And this layer system, I tried reading up on it and my brain just keeps saying " da fuqqq?!" You do one workout a day?


If you haven't gotten stronger, it's almost-certainly because of how you've been training. Plenty of possible reasons. Exercise choice, volume, intensity, frequency, etc. More details of what you've been up to would give a better idea of what's up.

What's your current height, weight, and general fat level?

What does your training week look like? The days, exercises, sets, and reps.

One exercise a day, five days a week. That's intentional and is entirely based on the way the volume is laid out. You basically work the sweet holy hell out of that exercise with something like 15-20 total sets using different techniques and you're done. (But I think there was an option for including some light back or arm work. I don't remember the details offhand.)


They do actually. It isnt "ever program ever" but its a top 20-30 of their best, most popular, and probably most generally applicable.



Basically, im 6 feet tall, 220lbs. My training would be 5 times a week. Doing chest/bi, back/tri, legs, shoulders, then 45 min light cardio on a friday.

I incorporate all big moves (deads, squats, bench, etc). My rep schemes always vary. One workout id do high reps/low weight, next work out really high weight/low reps, bada bing bada boom.

Now im looking at the 5/3/1 principle. Would it be ok to do that program and still work on putting on mass? So for example, do the 5/3/1 with the bench press and then keep working my chest to get size on it.


It sounds like you've been working with too much variety, so your body hasn't had a reason, or a chance, to adapt strength-wise. Keeping heavy work in on a more consistent basis likely would've brought more strength gains.

5/3/1 can be tailored to a bunch of goals, so that should be fine. As other have said, invest in the e-book, read a few articles about it, and plan to stick with it for 6 months or so.


From my own experience, training a bodypart one time per week never gave me much in the way of strength and size.

There are alot of great full body programs...keep it simple: one quad dominant exercise, one hip dominant, one upper body push and one upper body pull. Add 2-3 assistance exercises and I think you would see gains in size and strength.

I use this type of program for myself and for some of my clients using a 5-8 rep range and have had great success with it.