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Gaining Size Faster than Strength


Hey guys new to the forum, and maybe someone can help with some of my questions. I have been on the westside plan for a little bit now and am making the best gains I've ever made, but was wondering why I'm gaining size faster than I'm gaining strength. I have about a 1100 total raw, i jumped from 188-196 and I'm about 12%bf. @ 6ft. do i need to do something different to help my relative strength gains come faster or does my body want to fill itself out before it starts gaining strength? would like to have a 1400 total at my bodyweight.


I think it's normal. I've gone through phases where I get stronger but not bigger and vice versa. If you're still no stronger three to six months down the line, then you may have a problem.


Ok thanks for the info MarkKo


I find this topic interesting because I feel it implies that there is some sort of established rate of size to strength that is considered the "norm" and that you believe you have exceeded it in some way. What would be the appropriate amount of strength to gain vs weight in normal circumstances?

Westside tends to have a good amount of volume in it for growth, and the majority of the workouts are based around building more muscle (the ME and DE movements are the very first thing you do, and then the rest of the workout is all building muscle). Pair that with being 6' tall and sub 200lbs, and you definitely have lots of room to grow.


I think it just takes time. The first time I got over 190 lbs bodyweight, my total was around 1200 lbs. I had about a 400 squat, a 300 bench, and 500 deadlift. (I'm 5 10 btw). And I was actually pretty lean too. I continued to work, ended up losing some weight, and by the time I got back up to that weight, I was totaling more like 1400. Eventually I got up to a 1472 total in the 181 class, while walking around in the low 190s. Since that point, strength and weight gains have mostly gone hand in hand, as I've managed to keep my bodyfat relatively stable. But throughout my lifting career, there has always been fluctuation, so I think that's something to be expected.


Yea that's what I was wondering, I was expecting my relative strength to increase more but I'm still making gains.


Ok, I'm making steady gains which I'm happy for so I'll just keep lifting. I would like to compete someday.


I'd just keep doing what youre doing, sounds like a high quality problem to me!