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Gaining Size and Strength While Staying the Same Weight


Lately ive been noticing my strength levels seem to be going up every week. My size also seems to be increasing yet my bodyweight is still the same. right at about 280lbs. My gut also seems to be going down quite a bit. Now, im not fat, but i seem to be getting slimmer in the waist department.

So, those that state constantly, you can't gain muscle or get stronger while losing fat, your wrong. I've done this in the past as well. Without trying to lose weight or fat, it is still occuring. I definately thought my weight would have been more and was a little surprised that i didn't. So obviously something is going on.


I don't think anyone would dispute this but what you may not have stated clearly is that your body composition changes. Less fat more muscle.

I will say this though since we're in a beginner forum: If you're just starting to hit the weights I wouldn't necessarily focus on body composition. I'd pick one objective (size or strength) and focus on that for awhile. I think body comp is a goal best left to someone who has obtained the size or the strength that they want.


Gee, so many specifics.

How much has your waist gone down exactly?

If the answer is anything short of some number then this thread is pointless.


beginner forum? thats my mistake, I wasn't aware it was a beginner forum. specifics as to exact increases or decreases? well, my strength is going up every week. and just going by the mirror and the way my stomach feels, its most definately decreasing in size.


Just starting out?? is my avatar not visible?


Most folks on this site call this "recomposition" as in your decreasing fat while increasing muslce.

Since you have a very high bodyweight 280, and most likely possess significant bodyfat stores, it is not very uncommon to experience what you're mentioning.

Pictures (or sometimes measurements, i.e. waist went down 1" and bicep measurements stayed the same) usually help convey "recomposition"

This is definately something that pertains to many NEWBS, as most newbies will experience significant recomposition as their bodys adapt to the new training stimulii. After a while trainees will have to begin to actively gain weight (unless they have a very high bodyweight like yourself and could certainly benefit from eating enough kcals to maintain their bodyweight like yourself).


I did recomp all of last year. It is a very slow process and I feel that it helped me keep muscle in the long run, it was largely running in place for the effects overall.

Did it help? Yes.

Would it have helped me to do it earlier in my training life. I don't think so. I think I benefitted mostly because I was holding a very heavy body weight for me and the goal was to keep more muscle when dieting than before. It worked for that.

Conclusion: Holding a body weight longer in my opinion can help you hold onto more muscle when dieting. However, working on recomp as if you can make drastic changes in muscle mass gained while maintaining body weight and gaining muscle will leave most running in circles unless plenty of anabolics are on hand.


It is...and all we can see is your traps and part of your shoulder..and your face...all of which tell us that while you are big, you are likely carrying a very large amount of body fat.

I mean, I am king of doing only one pose for years, but even I showed more of my body than that in a tank top.

Bottom line, if you want people to really know what you built, how about showing more than your head?


very high bodyfat?????? dude, have you seen my avatar. Im not fat. I've been lifting for a very very long time. maybe your assuming that im a newbie, cause i accidentally posted in a "beginners forum" by accident. If you get that im fat from my avatar, then i don't know what to tell you.


after reviewing my pic, everything is shown. my chest, shoulders, traps and some arms. entire upper body is being shown.


Calm down dude. Read my post before getting your panties in a bunch.

I said very high body weight, and significant bodyfat.

280 is a very high body weight.

You have significant bodyfat, if you didn't in the first place you wouldn't have observed: "size also seems to be increasing yet my bodyweight is still the same"


...if that's even him in his avi.


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how do you interpret, what i said, that i have high bodyfat?? a person can gain muscle and lose fat, that doesn't mean he has high bodyfat. lol. maybe you misunderstood what i said.


I didn't misunderstand anything.

At no point during any of my posts did I say you had "high bodyfat".

I did say "you most likely posses SIGNIFICANT BODYFAT stores", and as nearly everyone else in the thread has said, it is very difficult to estimate how much bodyfat you are carrying from your avitar.


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so, just cause my bodyweight is considered high, that automatically means, i have high bodyfat?? Jay Cutler weighs that, and he doesn't have high bodyfat. so do alot of pro bodybuilders.