Gaining Power

Is it alright if I train ME bench day, then the following day do a punching bag session?..(for gaining power/anaerboic endurance) Or is it better to wait a day and then do it. or even wait two days?


It is okay to do it the next day. It would serve as active restoration. Just keep the sessions short until you get used to it. Try maybe 5-8 3 min rounds at first. If you lift in the morning, you could even do it the same day.

Hitting a bag is great for conditioning. I found it handy to have around to bash when I missed a lift;)

As a side, the bag is great for a DE warmup. Later.

Thanks a lot. I don’t know if it would really serve for active restoration (maybe)…I only say this because punching bag sessions can be pretty brutal. Also very fun, and its a great conditioing workout. Thanks a lot though for answering, as tomororw I’m definaetly goin to do a punching bag session!

dl- hittin the bag.