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Gaining Plan with 30-10-30?

Hi Dr. Darden,

I have been using the Killing Fat plan for three weeks and I’m now where I want to be now in terms of leanness and was wondering if there was a plan for gaining with 30-10-30? I know some of the before-after pics mentioned a muscle building plan. Not sure if I would just keep the same workout but with higher calories?

Really loving 30-10-30 and even got a few friends on it - they were hesitant at first and then sold after a workout!

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Upping the dietary calories is the main addition. To the 30-10-30 workouts, I’d add heavy negative-only chins and dips every third or fourth workout.

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That’s great - thank you for the quick response! Excited to see how I progress.

Hi Dr. Darden,

I have three questions.

  1. You recommended adding heavy negative chins and dips to 30-10-30 workouts. Are you recommending adding these to the 8 exercises your recommended in your recent article about the 30-10-30 workout? If not, what are you recommending? Also, are you recommending a set of 12 repetitions 10 second negatives for dips and chins on the same day in addition to the 8 other exercises?

  2. In your article, you recommended increasing the weight if you can do 30-12-30. In your book “Killing Fat,” you recommend increasing weight if you can achieve 10 reps. Which do you recommend?

  3. I was listening to an interview from Dorian Yates. Although he believes HIT is effective, he does warm up sets and he said that a bodybuilder needs to do more volume than recommended by Arthur Jones to address neck, rear delts, etc. Do you recommend warm ups and adding exercises such as shrugs, neck machine, and ab exercises to the 8 exercises you recommended in your recent article regarding 30-10-30?



You have excellent questions. Here are my answers:

  1. I’d add NO chins and dips in place of the arm exercises, and I’d still keep the number of exercises at 8. Plus, I’d keep the NO reps at 8 to 10 and shorten the time to 4 or 5 seconds per rep.

  2. The best suggestion for adding resistance to a 30-10-30 exercise is to do so when you can complete 10 perfect positive-negative reps. I now like 30-10-30 better than 30-12-30.

  3. No, I don’t recommend what Dorian says about warm-up reps. But I understand why he says it. He’s had all kinds of injuries and he feels like they help.


Thanks Dr Darden,

  1. An interesting new strategy for NO chins and dips. This may allow heavier additional weights. I suppose it is yet another good variation to alternate with 10 sec or 60 sec NO?

  2. Re adding resistance after 10 perfect reps, does this mean the previously recommended rep-range, is lowered to in between 6-10 reps?

Yes, to both of your questions.

Thank you, Dr. Darden.

What do you think about adding neck exercises, shrugs, and ab exercises to the existing 8 exercises because these body parts are not addressed in the workout?

Are you still recommending working out once a week?

Also, can you please advise me on cardio? How much I do? What should I do? How often? There is so much discrepant information out there. Thanks.


I am using three times per week with my younger guys and mixing up their routines to include neck and abs. Plus, they are moving quickly between exercises. No cardio is required as you are taxing your cardiorespiratory during the 30-10-30 workouts.

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Yates was/is an elite pro with incredible genetics. I saw that interview. He is talking about his training at the pro level.

I also heard him say he is in and out of the qym in about an hour. He uses massive weight that the average joe would only dream about. I think it is a good reason to warm up to his final set.

He was also on steriods and GH

Dr.Ken once said when you are 200 pounds of rock solid muscle then worry about your rear delts.

Having said that there are reasons why one would want to do more direct work.I had a job where I had to use my arms to reach out in front of my torso for long periods of time. Once in a while I would a more direct exercise for the rear delt and mid back.

Sometimes my shoulders would round forward from that.

Once in a while I would a more direct exercise for the rear delt and mid back.

If you stand against a wall or door frame with your elbows up and back inline with your shoulders. Bend you elbows. Picture a reverse push ups. So your forearms and hands are in front of you.

Walk your feet out about a foot. Press your elbows into the door frame or solid wall and do a few reps. This is a good exercise for your rear delts and mid back that you can do at home.

Be careful. To make if harder walk your feet out further from the wall.


Interesting…i will be changing my rep range from 10-12 to 6-10…looking forward to a difference

Hi FA40,

Yes, I was thinking the same. Appearantly Dr Darden is onto fineadjustments of 30-10-30, leaving clues along the way to the book in neartime? I look forward to his argumentation for procedure.

Dr. Darden,

Would please provide the rationale for doing NO Dips and Chins for 4 or 5 seconds per rep vs. 8-10 seconds, which you recommended in the past?

Also, would please provide the rationale for changing your cadence from 2 secs up and 4 secs down to 1 second up and 2 seconds down? I am talking about the 10 reps in the 30-10-30 workout.

Thanks for all your help.

Simply, NO chins and dips for 4-5 seconds each allow you to use a heavier weight.

When I was designing 30-10-30, one goal was to try to make each of the three phases last 30 seconds. Doing that successfully would equal 90 seconds, which I thought would be ideal. So I ended up with a 30-second negative, 10 1-second positive and 2-second negative reps, and a final 30-second negative.

So the 90 second TUT is so important that you shortened the cadence on the 10 rep part to equal a total of 90 seconds ? I’ve often felt that 90 TUT stuff was way over blown in importance but I guess not?

Got it. Thanks again!

I did not want the TUT to be longer than 90 seconds.

If I recall correctly you considered X Force sets to be one of the best workouts or sets that dug the deepest inroads . What was a typical TUT set of X Force ?

Why is 30.10.30 your preferred cadence compared to 30.30.30