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Gaining Phase Combined With HOT-ROX


I'd like to gather some opinions as to if it would be considered counterproductive to be in a gaining phase while taking HOT-ROX to help keep some excess bulk off my frame. I plan on working out very hard and consuming lots of food with the overall goal of being added strength and size. I don't have alot of time and am not really interested in having to try to lose a bunch of weight afterward.

Hopefully maintaining what i've built will help to keep me trim afterwards. In the past i've attempted to eat well and get stronger, i've never just lifted heavy and ate tons. I'm going to give the latter a try but am nervous about gaining to much fat, as I won't find the time to lose it. Chances are I would but I'd like to avoid it if I can. What are some of your thoughts?


If you're really training hard and not half-assing it, you fat gain will be minimal even in caloric surplus.

This is also assuming you're not eating stuff like candy, soda, twinkies and other sources of empty calories.


wait so your bulking up to build muscle but you want to take a supplement to help burn off extra fat at the same time?

Why don't you just not eat as many calories whilst bulking.

Or cut first then bulk up.


think about what so called "FAT BURNERS" are supposed to do ( increase metabolism/calorie expenditure etc) and write this down . then think about what you want your body to do ( gain muscle) and how it will do this , read everything and then see if you need an answer . this will work well with nearly all similar types of questions .


if your eating a ton(ie a very large surplus)...it may help you not get as fat...similar to doing cardio on a bulk...

only problem is HOT-ROX reduces appetite....that may be a problem for you...


Why spend the extra $?

Also, what D Public said.


I'm going to take a quote from your post out of context and say that you answered your own question, and correctly at that.