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Gaining One Pound a Week for a Year?


Is it possible to gain 1 pound a week for a year?

im 6', 185. 20 % bf

i want to eventually get to 200 lbs @ 7-8 %bf.

is it possible to gain 52 lbs in a year to get up to 235 and then cut down to 200 or whatever weight gets me under 10 % bf?



Maybe, but there's no way you'll be dedicated enough to do what it takes.


Thing's aren't going to play out exactly like they do on paper, but it's very possible to put on 52lbs in a year, especially if you're just starting out.
Don't expect it to be all muscle, but it will be mostly muscle and you can cut down later.

How old are you? I'd say shoot higher than 1lb/week if you're still a teen and just starting out. I've put on more than 50lbs in 5-6 months by lifting hard, eating a lot, and being 16 (15 for 3 of the months).


Its possible to gain WEIGHT at the rate of a pound a week and get to 235 pounds but how much of that will actually be lean - as well as whether you'll be able to drop the fat while retaining enough size when dieting down depends on TOO many factors:

your exercise selection, the interplay between your training intensity, volume, frequency and how well you're able to progress with the system/program you choose, your genetic inclination, your hormone levels, your bodytype/frame, your age and training age, your activity level outside the gym, your tolerance to carbs, your recovery ability, your joint integrity,.........yada yada yada in no particular order....and many of these factors are interrelated. You can only know the answer if you try it out for yourself!
How old are you anyhow? Lifting experience? lifts? pics?


Uhhhhh, good luck. In a year I've put on about 40lbs, and I have been very dedicated and I eat like a horse (6000kcal avg.)

But good luck dude! You're gonna havta prolly cut more fat than you think though in the end.


There is one way to find out.

Don't limit yourself by what others tell you is possible

Personally, I would try 1/2 lb per week for a year, body fat may bet a little out of control putting on 52lbs and may come off a little harder.


If you want to be fatter at the end of the year,then yes.

Thib says a 1-2 LB gain a month is good if carb cycling correctly.

Search for his CARB CYCLING CODEX article. Good info.


yes. eat. How much of it is muscle remains to be seen


I can't stand this.

If someone is a beginner using that guideline, they will hold themselves back, especially if they have above average genetics.


Best, Post.

Those who have a chance in hell of making that much progress are also the type to act instead of sitting around discussing random possibilities.


Just go at it for as hard as you can without worrying about the scale too much(be careful if you gain more than 3lbs a week though). That slow and steady crap usually takes more time, and more motivation which could be used more effectively(life outside the gym).


exactly. I 've gained 31 lbs in 8 months while dropping my body fat slightly. Looks like the above recommendation for some people just doesn't hold much water


you can, but your going to want to put at least 150lbs on your squat, bench, and deadlift. Along with at least 100 on your other compound lifts, rows, dips, incline, chinups, etc.


The more I eat, the better my genetics get.



you might be able to do it your first year training.

your second, doubtful.

48 weeks in a year? how long do you think you could do that for? if even once. if i gain 10lbs in a year im happy.

its fun to play with the numbers i guess but the reality is that its next impossible.

gaining isnt linear like that. you dont just go 1 lb, 1 lb, 1 lb, and so forth. it could be like 1 lb, - 1 lb, 1 lb, 2 lbs, 0, 0, -1, 1 lb.

like i said it just doesnt happen.


There's actually 52 weeks in a year...and I disagree with losing weight while on a bulk, that would probably happen if you're trying to be one of the "slow bulk" people not wanting to lose your abs. But I don't think that's likely to happen if you are truely bulking, since I have been bulking for several months now not one week have I gone down on weight. Some weeks I gain anywhere from 1-4 lbs and others I don't gain at all, but never have I lost weight.

edit: I could also see struggling and maybe losing weight some weeks at the very advanced stages where its VERY hard to continue to put on mass.


52 fat free pounds without juice? No way!


he never said that.

guys on steroids dont even make that progress. To put on 52lbs of muscle without fat could turn a skinny short guy who doesnt lift, into the top natural competitive pro bodybuilder for his weight class.


ive been bulking for like 2 years. its possible to lose weight. sometimes you get a growth spurt and youll gain muscle with extra fat it doesnt last forever though and the spurt will die down and youll eventually burn off a couple extra pounds, nothing major.

what is impossible to do is to expect a guraunteed weight increase weekly for an entire year at the rate of a pound, or hell at the rate of ANYTHIGN thats even measurable, without it being solid fat.

if youre a newb you can probaly gain 20-30lbs in a year, depending on what kind of metabolism you have.

if youre not you can expect 10lbs naturally a year, maybe less. idk id be very satisfied with a natural weight gain of 10lbs in a year.

real transformations dont happen over night. this is a yearly thing. its not like basketball, you cant go out to a training camp for a month and come back MVP of your team.

people dont get into this stuff cause its easy. theres very few people who have what it takes to actually go somewhere with this.

and again, you arent gaining that much weight in a year. if you think you can go out and dont come back until you do it.


In a year of solid diet and training it's definitely possible for someone to put on 40-50 lbs. provided they aren't particularly short.

This guy is 6', so on the tall side. To me that means more room for more muscle before the body will start to naturally slow the addition of new muscle. I would say a realistic and attainable goal for a year, though would be 40 lbs.