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Gaining on Gear without Increasing Calories


Just wondering, can you add muscle while on roids, without increasing your dietary calorie intake?

If not, then what would happen if you went on a cycle and you maintained your calorie intake? Or decreased it?


Ok captain obvious...

Roids increase proteine synthesis and are thus anabolic (very simply explained). What you eat will be more effectively used by your body. So if you eat the same, you will gain more than without the roids. Since roids 1) cost money and 2) are not that healthy, you should make the most out of them and eat more to gain more...

I once used Test E while cutting and it does maintain muscle mass (slightly increased even), but due to the water retention, you have to wait till after PCT to see the full benefits (I took Adex while on, but still the abs were covered).


You would still gain as long as you're eating above maintenance, I suppose, but why? There's not much point in using gear if your diet and training don't absolutely optimize it. You can only use so much, for so long, and you still have to eat and train when you're off them in order to enjoy/maintain benefits.