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Gaining Muscle


im 18 and im a senior in highschool and i go to the gym everyday and eat right...im coming off of a wrestling season and im looking to get bigger...any1 wanna help me with a good routine to get bigger? what i do now works but the gains are slow.


Post what u do now and eat now in detail


eat more...much more


i do an every other day type of routine just because iv always been told to rest one day so i split everything up, but i know there are better ways to do it.

start with:
bench press/incline/pushups/dumbells, back, curls, shoulder press(i need help with shoulder workouts i dont know many, i do another one with dumbells where i press and touch them over my head then come back down, thats about it.

then the next ill do: tricepts(close grip bench and skull crushers), squats, calfs, other random leg excercises, stomach.

i run everyday after i workout.

i usually eat a chicken or turkey sandwich for lunch, after school ill eat something that isnt junk food,usually a sandwich or somethin not too big, and at night after i get home from the gym i eat eggs, chicken or fish for protein. I try to get as much protein as possible. i was thinking of whey protein but i need money first.


Look around this site, you'll find some great routines.