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Gaining muscle with T-Newborn?

Just a question for the T-Fathers out there…I just had my son a few weeks ago (hurrah!) and I’m curious to hear feedback from other dads about what kind of training/nutrition regimen they were on during the first year with the newborn…my wife can’t breastfeed, so I’m up a few times during the night to bottle feed the lad. Any suggestions on preserving what I can??

So far I’m able to make it out to the gym 3x a week, and am just doing a hypertrophic routine of

  1. Chest/Back
  2. Legs
  3. Arms

thanks in advance!

I just got out of muscular shape. I did a lot of walking, etc. trying to stay trim (it didn’t really help, but I knew very little about nutrition back then). It wasn’t until later that I was able to strength back up.

Congrats on the newborn. My wife and I had a daughter just 8 weeks ago. Once you get past the first few weeks at home and can settle into a routine then you should be able to get your diet and exercise back in order.

In the past 8 weeks my diet hasn’t changed. I’ve managed to stay pretty strict with myself as far as thats concerned. The workouts did suffer though. I took the first two weeks off while my wife and I got the baby into a routine. Once I did go back it wasn’t easy. Lack of sleep due to nightly feedings has left my energy level lacking by the time the end of the day rolls around and I’m hitting the gym. I found that my workouts were ok at the start, but my energy level dropped quickly during the workout.

I just recently took another week off from the gym to try and get my energy back. It seems to have worked for me too. Last week I started Ian King’s Super Strength and Limping programs. Although I’m getting my ass kicked in the gym now my energy level has stayed consistent throughout the whole workout.

The big change that I made at home though was that my wife and I take turns with the nightly feedings. She does them on the night going into a workout day for me and I do them on the off days. She’s know been cleared to head back to the gym. She’ll be going on my off days so the feeding schedule we’ve set up will work to her advantage as well.

Good luck.

Well, if time and energy become even more scarce, you should check out Ian King’s article “Big Muscles, Busy Schedules”.

I’d use a whole body routine 3x per week. The hitting a bodypart once per week have never did much for me. Until I have topped out with basic exercises, I have labeled myself unqualified to do any specialization routines. I only have 30 years training experience though

Thanks for the replies guys! Well I’m tempted to try the HST program for a while, just to see if it works for me, and/or until I can get back to a more “regular” schedule in the gym. As much as I like doing whole body routines, I love doing strongman type exercises once in a while for fun…maybe I’ll experiment with doing a HST routine MWF, then on sat. do a few farmer’s walks or forearm strengtheners, etc…


Hey lolo,
Well once they weren’t able to breast feed anymore, I added Flax oil to the formula and protein powder to the rice cereal for nutrition, and pretty much had them focus
on the negative portion of the squat and goodmornings. When they reached about 3-4 mos they had enough strength that I began holding them around the waist and began the balance portion of their training all the while keeping the squats and goodmornings in :). And I timed this just before they would feed 1-2 times a day, so they would train and feed 1-2 times a day.
All kidding a side, I pretty much became jello, and a garbage disposal with my first two girls. This time around I am working out at home and doing it Renegade style. So far so good, even have my wife hooked.
Peace, Tmofa

Congrats, Iolo!

I agree with whats been said. Just to add. As soon as it gets warmer (and the little guy is a little older) don’t waste time with a treadmill! Get the little guy his safety equipment, purchase an infant/child runner/stroller, and hit the hills! It’s pretty cool, and GREAT aerobics, because as the little guy grows, resistance naturally increases! (Sort of like Milos and the baby calf!)

Happy running! (and Fatherhood!)