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Gaining Muscle Mass with High E2?

According to everything I have read, estrogen is anabolic and should help with muscle gains. We all know that nhibiting E2 via an AI should reduce water retention (and therefore improve the appearance/definition of muscles) and reduce lethargy etc…

But has anybody else actually found that having high E2 inhibits muscle growth? I’m an over-responder to AI’s and only have to look at one to crash my esto but the only times I seem to have made decent gains since starting TRT are when I was on an AI with E2 a lot lower.

I’ve blasted before with no AI and my gains were not as expected. I’m no novice in the gym and it’s common knowledge amongst the people I know that if you can avoid an AI (due to lack of sides) then you should.

I know there was an article on here about high E2 meaning T doesn’t work on the androgen receptors as well but there’s zero evidence to support that claim and it goes against all generally held beliefs and studies.

Anyone else find they struggle to build muscle mass with higher E2? Even on blasts? Really doesn’t make sense according to the literature and with E2 being anabolic and I realise it could well be placebo but any personal anecdotes/ opinions are very welcome…

I never heard of higher E2 being responsible for muscle gain, increased libido and bone density though. The testosterone is responsible for muscle gain.

Not saying it’s responsible for muscle growth. That’s primarily the testosterone as you say. Just that E2 is supposedly also anabolic so higher levels should theoretically help rather than inhibit muscle gains. I believe it helps draw glycogen into muscles.

I just can’t help but feel that I gain more when my E2 is lower and wondered if anybody had similar experiences or could offer insight.

You sure you’re not just judging your appearance in the mirror at different estrogen levels?

In other words, lower estrogen, you have less water, and you look more muscular.

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I know this is the explanation that makes the most sense.

But it just doesn’t feel that way at all. I suppose measurements in future will settle it one way or another.

Still interested to see if anyone else appears to experience less gains on higher E2 when bulking…(or whether your explanation is spot on and it’s all in my head)…

I don’t think it’s detrimental to muscle growth as long as your testosterone levels are high enough. I was doing shoulder presses with 100 lb dumbbells for 11 reps during my first cycle (500 mg Test e + 200 mg Deca) years ago; I didn’t use any AI back then. I was also slightly overweight. Definetely somewhat high estrogen levels.

Crashing your E2 levels is bad for your bones and your joints. Compound lifts could potentially get very painful, to put it mildly.

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