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Gaining Muscle & Losing Fat


Alright, im trying to gain muscle and loose this fat at the same time.

I've read an artice that says the best way to do this is to lift more weight with less reps for 3 sets and on the last set you should fail.

I've also heard to do more reps for 3 sets. Like 20 reps then 15 reps and finally 10 reps.

What would be the best way for me to do it?

Also, I do a full body workout 3x a week with cardio every single day. Ive read that a good workout wont usually last more than 2 hours. To do this would I just do weights that target muscle groups. Like upper back, lower back, arms, legs, etc.

How many times should I do each group? Does it make sense to do a calves workout and to 3 sets, then move to a diffrent machine that does calves and do 3 more sets? Or would it be better to just one machine for each muscle for 3 sets?

Thanks for your help.


Do a bit of searching maybe? This question gets asked quite often... at least the gain muscle while losing fat debate portion.


In addition, what happens outside the gym for what you are attempting to achieve is equally, if not more, important than what happens inside the gym. Search this site for carb cycling diets and google on Ultimate Diet 2.0.


Do what you are doing now and supplement with 3x HIIT a week.


I already have my diet in line, im the t-dawg 2.0 diet. Im just trying to make sure what the most effective thing to do in the gym is.


You stated that you read a good workout would last no more than 2 hours? That is a very long workout and probably not conducive to anything but overtraining. It should definitely not take that long.

For comparison, my workouts last 45 minutes at the longest. I'm not an elite lifter, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express.



well, i think 2 hours is reasonable because I go with a partner and like i said we bothh do full body.

what about the rep sets. does it make sense to do calves on one machine, then go do it on another machine? should you not do it at all or do it for just chest or arms? Is one excersize for each muscle/group ok?


Alright, here are some questions, that might help people zone in on what you are looking for...

1) How long have you been lifting?

2) What is your current height and weight?

3) Do you keep a food log or anything like that?

Generally, beginners who are overweight have the easiest time of losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time. So, the more trained you are and the leaner you are, the harder it is likely going to be to achieve your goal.

Some people will swear it is easy for them to do this... while other's will swear it can't be done at all.

Anyway, there are some routines on this site which are recommended for trying to lean out. You could just pick one of them. I think most fat loss workous use fairly short rest periods, but I may be mistaken, I haven't done any of them.


Ive been lifting about 3 weeks, I am a beginner.

Im about 5'5 -5'6 and right at 180.

I keep a food log, however I normally eat the same thing everyday at the same time. I eat almost exactly what is in the t-dawg diet with little diffrences here and there. (Like eating nuts and beef jerky instead of tuna.)


Now thats funny DB44...!



I think ABBH and TBT are great programs for beginners and you should think about giving them a try. I really don't see why working out with partner would extend your workout by that much unless your on totally different levels as far as strength goes and even then I dunno.


Renegade Training workouts typically take 1:15 - 2 hours depending on if it's just me or me and my workout partners. It also depends on the day and how much extra rest we may need.

But you're talking about a workout that includes all your GPP/Weights and other stuff in one day. The weight portion of the workouts is about 40 minutes. The main workouts are Mon, Wed, Fri and some short "active rest" days on Tues/Thurs.

If trying to get lean/gain muscle at the same time, RT does a pretty good job of it because it encompasses everything within the training program.