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Gaining Muscle As Well As Cardio Fitness?


Hey everyone i want to be a fast runner, really fit etc and have decent muscles . Is both these goals possible to get at the same time? If so can anyone point me in the direction of where to start? I have access to gym five times a week.


Take a look at sprinters man. Fast, muscular, explosive athletes.

Check out 5/3/1, by Jim Wendler. Just put an emphasis on sprinting/running as your priority if that is your goal or main interest. Train like a track sprinter using a variety of distances 100m, 200m, 400m, etcetera and use the strength training to build your running.

Lots of information out there on the subject, and there is a 5/3/1 forum thread on here as well.


Start off with the bodyweight routine here…

Main thing at your age is playing(and pushing yourself) in a variety of sports over the course of the year. This will build an overall athletic foundation that will set you up for decades to come.
Gettng plenty of sleep, get to bed really early and eating tons of lean protein and veg will make a big difference also