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Gaining more fat than muscle when bulking

I feel like I’m gaining more fat than muscle on my bulking phase. I have gained about 10-11 pounds in the past 1.5 months. I am 5’11" 180 pounds. I am eating 3400-3500 cals. a day at a profile of 40 carbs. 30 pro. 30 fat. My question is should I change my macronutrient profile to a different ratio, maybe do some cardio (I am not doing any right now) or lower my cal. intake? I understand that you WILL gain fat on a bulking phase but what do you do when you are gaining more fat than muscle?

I would recommend reading both “Massive Eating” articles by John Berardi. They have helped me immensly. As I recall there is a section on bodytype and macronutrient amounts based on your body type. If not just go through the previous issues section on this web site and look at all the Berardi articles. It would be in your best interest to do so anyways! The great thing about his articles are that they’re backed by science and he tells you like it is. Nothing sugar- coated.

You “feel like” you’re gaining more fat than muscle? You don’t know for sure?

Okay, first read the body composition articles by Jason Norcross in the past couple of issues of T-Mag, then get yourself some calipers and start taking measurements. If you don’t do this (or something similar), you really have no idea what’s happening with your body. So first get some actual hard data, then take a look at your diet and training and see what (if anything) you want to change.

Do the insulin sensitivity test found in one of JMB’s articles. According to results readjust your macros. Cut back on calories very slightly (for a short period at least). Consume most of your carbs in pre/post workout meals (that includes other activities u might participate in). The throughout the rest of your day your carbs should be low glycemic and minimal.~ Assuming that you are really gaining more fat than muscle. Goodluck