Gaining Mass

Could someone please recommend a plan for gainning mass which includes info on exercises, sets, reps ,tempo, rest periods between sets. this plan will be for a beginner who has just finished a 12 week plan whole body routine 3 times a week.

The plan if possible for 3 or 4 days a week.

The best mass gaining exercise is chewing. Focus on his diet first, then worry about training. Mostly though, all he’ll need is a program revolving around the big basics- squats, bench, deads, chins, rows etc. Keep the reps in the 8 to 12 range, which is the hypertrophy range for most people. Or he can just adopt any program from the T-mag site.

Like I said, I think the specific type of training you do in a mass program is secondary to diet- as long as he’s using free weights, skipping the cardio (or at least keeping it to a bare minimum), getting plenty of sleep and allowing adequate recovery time, he’ll do fine. Read my “Diet Manifesto” article for more info.