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Gaining mass

I haven’t trained seriously for mass in a while i’ve been focusing mostly on strength and all i want to do now is gain pure mass and as much as i can. I know what to do with my nutrition does anybody have any recomendations on a program that would work the best?

There are dozens of programs that will work well and you can read the back issues here to find several. Briefly, 5x5 will work well with a focus on Squats, deadlifts, dips, chin ups etc

Good call, Mikey. Binford (any relation to the Binford from Tool Time on Home Improvement?)…take a look at Joel Merrion’s Ripped, Rugged and Dense article. Also, there’s probably more on the 5x5 (ala Poliquin in the early issues). If you’re looking for something a little more interesting, I dare you to even read Coach Staley’s EDT. This sounds freakin’ awesome! This is something that I’d like to experiment with in the future. But for me, the lower reps, heavier weights is what I thrive on.

As far as diet, I think you need go no further than the Massive Eating articles courtesy of John Berardi. You will grow! Also, read all the Appetite for Construction columns by JB.