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Gaining Mass, without adding more gut!

I started training approximately a year and a half ago, and have really only gotten minor results. (This is excusable, having absolutely no guidance in the beginning six months or so). I was using mostly machines in the beginning, and gradually discovered the propper ways to do things as time progressed. Its been interesting I can assure you.

So far, my mediocre strides have been as follows:

gained 25 lbs, got down to 9%, and basically got pretty cut looking.

The problem is that while Im very cut and ripped, I have practically no mass whatsoever. Im afraid of trying to make a huge gain because It will conflict with how hard I worked to get this far in terms of tone…

Does anyone know of (healthy) ways of gaining mass without sacrificing the ripped effect? If anyone will know, you guys will. To be honest Im rather impressed with how much you all seem to know…experience is quite an amazing thing isnt it?

cheers :slight_smile:

Read John Berardi’s “Massive Eating” plan. If you have already done this and you think I am insulting your intelligence let me know by all means.

He said “tone!” Hahahaha@HIM! …jk… :wink:

I think it boils down to the fact that you simply can’t build muscle without ‘some’ fat gain (all controllable variables held constant, genetics is really the only thing dictation how much fat you’ll gain). But you can minimise the fat gain if you’re smart in what and how you eat. Check out the article on ‘Massive Eating’ in T-Mag, that’s about the best place to start. Of course you could gain heaps of mass with a lowering of bodyfat if you’re open to drugs, but that’s another issue entirely. Cheers.

Gain mass w/ no fat? Well, that’s Mag-10. Read the support group threads. Unless you think Mag-10 is “unhealthy” which it isn’t as long you take it as recommended.