Gaining Mass while running

I am a 20 year college student, and I just started training for ROTC by running a lot more than my body is used to. I have lost 7 lbs. in a little amount of time, and I have become noticeably smaller. What can I do to my weight program or my diet to stay “big” while running and getting more lean? I appreciate any advice or references to advice. Take it easy!

When I was rowing, I was probably doing more aerobic stuff than you are, like up to 18workouts/week. I had to eat as much as I could all the time just to keep my size & strength, & I think that’s what you need to do. When you’re done running go pig out & drink lots. I know of a former national team guy & oly champ who would lose up to 10lbs after only one workout (~1.5hrs) just my working so hard & had 2 more the same day. He managed to keep his bwt at around 215 (6’4"). What does ROTC standd for?

I am also in ROTC, I came into college this year as a freshman and promptly joined the ranger challenge team in which we ran every single day and on fridays we did ruck runs for 5-7 miles with weighted packs and boots. I went from 185 to my current 177.
However, most of what I lost was fat, I kept lifting hard, and just increased my calorie intake dramatically so I stopped losing weight and am holding steady. If you are just training for the PT test, it is only a 2 mile run, to train for that all you need to do is run 3 times a week, one day run 2 miles for time, day 2 run intervals (sprint a lap, run a lap, etc…), day 3 run 3 miles that’s all you need to max out your run, I get extended scale on every PT test, and I hardly run anymore now that ranger challenge is taking a break.

I appreciate the response. I guess I just need to get my caloric intake up. I think I’ll have to get some weight gainer to get my calories up significantly. ROTC stands for Reserve Officer Training. Universities have ROTC programs to train students to become officers in the military. Thanks again for the help and take care.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Silken Laumann (maybe you’re American or whatever) but she used to eat 6000 calories a day just fyi.