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Gaining Mass Training Twice a Week


Due to family, work, and continuing education responsibilities I’d like to train twice per week. My main goal right now is gaining mass (currently 170 lbs, 5’10"). Can I efficiently gain muscle mass (I’m aiming for a minimum ratio of 60%muscle/40% fat, cutting down later is easy) training full body twice per week?

For the record, key movements I’ll be using include squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, bench presses, pull-ups, rows and core work. Thanks,


Short answer yes. If you’re asking for a program search for the 531 DC challenge. Look at 531 for busy men if you’re training back-to-back days. & eat plenty. Mass Made simple too (this may be 3 days though…)


My lifts are deadlift 275 lbs x 2 reps, bench 165 x 2, squat 190 x 2, and press 125 x 1. Do you think that the 5/3/1 DC challenge is more for more advanced lifters or do you think it’ll be worthwhile to give it a go?


There are plenty of good programs that will help you gain mass training twice a week. The selection of the program will matter less than the effort you put into it and the quality and quantity of food you consume during this stretch. Pick anything - one of Dan John’s minimalist programs, a 5/3/1 template that’s 2 days a week - and hit it hard while making sure you eat plenty of meat and vegetables.


^ what this fellow said.

I was just naming shit that I’ve tried before (excluding mms). Anything you apply with intensity will work. But to answer your direct question, I think you’d be fine. Don’t worry too much about things like beginner, intermediate, & advanced.


Like everyone’s said, the answer is hands-down yes… if you eat properly and don’t screw up the training.

I was going to suggest every routine that’s already been mentioned, plus the old school 20-rep squat routine. Bottom-line is that two days of training can be plenty if it’s designed right or it can be a waste of time if it’s designed wrong. And the importance of eating plenty can’t be understated.


Yep can get great results, also means you can(and should) really bring it/go for PRs and not worry about burning out


I’m using 5/3/1 now, so it shouldn’t be difficult to make it two days per week as there are a couple templates available.