Gaining Mass for Basketball

ive been liftin all summer long for mass and weight and strength , i play a gaurd and i was 166 at the start of thesummer… and now im 180lbs. i did alot of runnin and playin ball as i lifted… ut i read up most nba players take time off to lift and eat and stuff before they start runnin and playin, so lately ive been doin that… is this a good idea and then soon start running and gettin more into game shape and etc?? gimme ur insights. thanks alot .

With your weight gain, just remember that your joints may take a bit of a beating. Take it easy for a bit, as far as going all out. Make sure you warm up and stuff sufficiently before going full speed, too. If you aren’t already, taking the fish oil and stuff to keep joints in good shape isn’t a bad idea. You will not feel good about your game if you don’t start getting out there and seeing what your new body can do, though. There just isn’t any other way to really prepare for basketball other than getting on the court. Just remember that you’re dealing with a different physique so you don’t overdo it.

By the way, congrats on the weight gain, and good luck playing.

I almost started the same thread yesterday. I’m 185 pounds at 5’11" and have gained about 20 pounds in the last 4 or 5 months. I shot around a little bit periodically, but generally I focused on gaining weight/strength.

I’ve gotten back in the gym now and my game is on another level. I went from not touching the rim to easily grabbing with two hands. My advice to you is to keep gaining weight but make sure your focusing on squats and cleans and such. Sprints are good too. Make sure your vertical is going up as bulk.

How old/tall are you?

i am 17 years old and i 180, i am also 6’1’'.i put on about 14 pounds this summmer. all muscle… and i dunno…i just feel maybe i should start running now like iused to… cuz i took about a week and a half to two weeks to just eat alot more and still lift hard so that i dont burn away all the calories and fats and etc that i eat. should i start runnning now or will i burn off most of all that weight?

By running I assume you mean playing basketball. Have you increased your vertical by adding the weight? When do you start your season? If you have another 10 weeks then add some more mass as long as it’s making you jump higher and play better. I find that I can play ball 2-3 times a week while bulking just by lifting heavy and eating really good (tons of food).

i have ganined vertical from lifting heavy this summer.