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gaining lean muscle mass

after coming off of a contest diet similar to t-dawg v2 with carb ups (refeed meal every m,th vs every 7 days. I was loooking for a good lean gaining diet.
5’9 210 and extreemly lean

I train at 5-530 at night and i’m very carb sensitive

meal 1 p/c - 60 protein 50 grams ( 1 cup oatmeal <10 grams fat with 500 mgs ALA
meal 2-3 p/f 60 protein 20 grams fat /fiberous veggies
preworkout at 330
50 grams carbs (oatmeal)
10 egg whites
1 scoop whey protein
500 mgs ALA

20 grams BCAAS during workout

pw 1 80 grams carbs 70 grams protein ( mass maker beverly, 10 grams glutemine
500 mgs ALA)

an hour and a half later repeat in solid meal (chicken and yams, veggieS)
250 mgs ALA

3 hours later
50 grams protein (egg/casien)
15 grams EFAS

Is ALA with carbs basically acting as same as protein and fat would do with managing insulin levels ?

caloires are about 3600 to start and will increase them

I hate to sound like I’m blowing you off here, because you obviously spent a long time composing your post, but I really don’t understand your question. Could you clarify a bit?

As for what you’ve written, basically it looks pretty good. If it were me, I think I’d add in some more carbs to the PW drink, and I’d also move the next meal up to where it was about 45 min -1hour later, rather than an hour and a half. But you probably know what’s best for your body.

saying that if you take ala with a carb and protein meal (breakfast and preworkout) is that going to give you the same insulin result as eating a fat and protein meal . Bascailly i want to stay in fat burning mood by to get the carbs to the muscle so i have plenty of fuel to work out.

Hey, there, Hard!!!

ALA (alpha lipoic acid) is a glucose disposal agent. Think of it as insurance. Taken about 20-30 minutes before a carb containing meal, it maximizes the amount of glucose/carbs stored in the muscles and minimizes the amount that spills over to fat.

I’m sorry, but it’s a bit hard to give you advice on your diet. I would need to know your weight and BF% to run the numbers.

What I can tell you generally is that it’s a good idea to do maintenance calories for a couple of weeks (maybe longer) before starting a bulking cycle. It takes a few weeks for your body to stabilize and determine what your new maintenance numbers are.

Protein is pretty easy. I’d recommend 1.5g or a little more, but no more than 2g per pound of BW (per day). Fat ideally would run about .5g per pound of LBM per day divided between your P+F meals.

You can follow your same eating patterns (some breakfast carbs and a liquid PWO drink, followed by a solid-food P+C meal). But on a weely basis I’d increase carbs about 35g per day if scale didn’t go up any given week.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Welcome to the board, by the way! (grin)

Well, TT told you what the r-ALA does. Whether this will give you the “same insulin result” as a P+F meal is anyone’s guess. Off the top of my head, I’d say no. But then, I’ve never seen or heard of any research that would say one way or the other. But there are people (Timbo, Marc McD, EC) who are a lot better qualified than I am to answer this particular question. Let’s see if some of them post here…