Gaining Last Ten Pounds

First time posting, been lurking since my freshman year in HS and am now a junior. I started lifting to be able to play on my hs football team, which is very competitive, i came into HS weighing 142 benching 110. Fucking sad.

Fast forward some years, two of hard ass training(at least i think it is) most of you prolly would eat me. Im fluctuation between 217 and 221 and am hitting a plateau in which the last ten punds i want arent coming along. My football team is testing our lifts next monday and after that i will completely alter my program, any ideas would be appreciated.

Split now (main points of each day)
Mon- Shoulders, Squat, Deads
Wed- Bench,Dips, Back
Fri- Core, agility, Medball workout, ROmanian Deads, Sumo Squat
Sat- Neg. Bench, Incline Bench, Tris
Sun- Back n Bi

wakeup- 6 eggs (3 whole, 3 whites) Grapefruit. Bananna, 100% whey shake.
Mid Morning- PB sandwhich, cheese stick, pretzels
Lunch- Turkey, Grape, Apple ( hour in between this n mid morning)
Mid afternoon- PB n Bananna n carrots.
P.w.o Cellmass
+30min pro complex gainer
+1 hr bananna n peanut butter

  • 1:45 hr Dinner
  • 4 hr cell mass
    Pre bed- cottage cheese n oatmeal n cassein ON shake

Lifts ( not quite there yet)
Bench- 325 (chalk)
Hang Clean- 265 (straps)
Push Press- 245
sQUAT- 440
Deads - 380 (bad back)
Dips - bw +100 = 11

I don’t know what advice you expect other than eat more. What you’re doing is working for you so you don’t need to change it too much. The rest is just food. If you need ideas about how to get extra that’s pretty simple too. Things like adding oil to shakes etc.

Gaining weight is about eating, don’t make it hard. Stop using egg whites, just eat the whole damn thing. Swap out your turkey lunch for a nice big burger. (Or just eat the burger in addition, I like that better) etc. Be happy, you have one of the best problems on the planet. A serious desire to eat more while food is readily available.

You’re diet is too ‘fruity’. Fruits don’t have the best macros conducive to gaining weight. Grapefruit?! Carrots!? You’re trying to gain weight with that?! If you’re gonna have a PB sandwich, put it on Ezekial bread (or at least stone ground wheat) and pound a met drive shake with it.


Like theyve been saying its all about caloric intake. It can be hard sometimes because it seems like youre eating a ton, but if youre not gaining weight than your still not eating enough. What Id probably do is keep my current diet (but take out filler like grapefruit and carrots like Stu mentioned), and add another 400-500 calories.

If you notice your weight going up stay there, if not add more calories until you start noticing unwanted fat gain. At that point dial it back down just a shade and you should be where you need to be.

calorie dense food my man. 220 is my sticking point, weight wise, but that’s only because i’ve been too mentally lazy to eat more. i came up from 145lbs, i did this in my 30’s though. you’re young and your body will be more receptive to growth given the right variables.

ass others mentioned, less carrots more milk, beef, whole wheat pasta, natty PB, etc.

as i was gaining i ate 1-2lbs of lean ground beef a day + steaks, chicken, fish etc.

eating should be uncomfortable at times. use the mirror as your guide and just don’t get too sloppy. 230 and very fat vs 230 fairly lean are two different animals.

Great job man on getting to where you are! Your lifts make me feel bad. Keep it up!

Thanks, sorry this was posted in many different forums my computerwas logging out and said the posts didnt enter. The advice on the fruits makes a lot of sense. thanks