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Gaining Forearm Strength


Hello I am new to T-nations! I need help buidling up my forarm mass.I am 14 years old and my arms are really skinny and don't match up with others in my age group. I do have acess to my school workout room and need help learning what should I do there. And I would also like to know what I can do at home to do this too. Anything will be appreciated :smiley:


At 14, I wouldn't be too concerned on just one facet of training (forearm strength). Check out Vroom's "Are You a Beginner?" thread, and soak up as much information as you can.

Good luck.



You are wanting to add mass to the forearms or overall ? You are pretty young mate, to be honest some form of an abbreviated workout would build general mass without wiping you out. You will still be in puberty too.

People don't normally just look at adding mass to forearms alone. I mean if you really want bigger forearms and people like mechanics and carpenters have decent forearms from the use they get when doing their job, get into that sort of thing. Otherwise just work out generally and the whole body will grow.


search this topic. there are sooooo many threads like it already.


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