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Gaining Forearm Mass/Strength


Hello I am new to T-nations! I need help buidling up my forarm mass.I am 14 years old and my arms are really skinny and don't match up with others in my age group. I do have acess to my school workout room and need help learning what should I do there. And I would also like to know what I can do at home to do this too. Anything will be appreciated :smiley:


If your arms don't match up to people in your age group, chances are you lack mass overall. Gain 50 pounds and don't use straps when you lift, your forearms will grow.


At 14, maybe you just haven't hit your growth spurt. Hell, my body didn't really change until I was 20.

Don't worry about bulking your arms. Try to get you're whole body big, and the arms will follow.

But, if you want to focus on forearms while you do that. Wrap a towel around the bars you lift. And try chin-ups while holding onto 2 towels.


Oh, and on how to train the whole body, go to the beginners thread and read the "New to T-Nation?"


I find it very interesting that you are most concerned with the size of your forearms, rather than say, the size of your biceps, which is what kids used to be concerned with.

Your forearms however are a great indicator of how hard you are working. Forearms can take a great deal of work (hey we used to all swing from trees all day) and if they are in good condition it generally reflects the fact that you are working hard.

It is true that you should focus on working all the big muscles though, not forearms directly. Squats, deadlifts.

However forearms can take a lot of punishment, so one thing you could consider is that you use a briefcase instead of a backpack, for school (I assume you are at school?) especially a case with a thick handle on it, make your own handle if required. And carry more books in it. That way you will do tonnes of work on your forearms all day long. MAKE SURE you carry it in both hands though, if you favour one arm over the other, you might end up with a back that is bent in one direction.

Also, make sure you sometimes run whilst carrying your heavy briefcase, the shocks of the running will jolt those forearms.

But you absolutely must work on the big lifts in your training, and eat a lot of protein.

I envy your youth you have a great opportunity ahead of you. There is far more knowledge in training than when I was 14.


I put PVC pipe over the bars, you can get the pipe in different thicknesses and it works great. You can even offset the pipe if desired, instead of having it centered. Also, bike inner tube, can be cut to fit over the pipe and give a rubberised grip if you want.


yeah, cause then they'll get big from having to defend himself from getting beat up, lol


Deadlifts, Snatches, Cleans, Hammer Curls, Reverse Curls, woooooooooo!


lol too true, there is that as well. lol

actually a good bag might be gym style bag, you can sling it over your shoulder, it looks more cool than a briefcase, you can put in your own handles (e.g PVC).

when i went to school the rule was: briefcase or get caned. but eventually everyone went to backpacks, i think the laws changed too regarding backpacks (ie they were recommended by government)


A 14 year old kid logs on and asks how to get big forearms and you tell him to carry a briefcase to school? Because the most obvious probability that he is extremely damn skinny should be the LAST thing he focuses on? Because, instead of focusing on gaining size all over, he should really just work on huge briefcase carrying forearms?


Which part of

"But you absolutely must work on the big lifts in your training, and eat a lot of protein."

did you miss?


The part that included anything but that simple bit of information. This kid shouldn't even be confused into thinking that his largest focus should be on forearms. We don't even know much about this kid. No one asked anymore questions. We don't have his weight or his height. On average, however, most 14 year olds should not be so concerned with forearm growth and it makes me wonder what else he may be confused about. I still don't see how "carry a briefcase" sounded like something he even needed to hear at all. He's 14. A briefcase?


Sorry PRof X I looked over my post and realise it seemed a bit focussed on the briefcase thing and forearms. I assumed that the original poster would take on board ALL the other advice that was presented in the thread, and also read through this site, and learn something, not just take a single thing by one poster and follow up on that.

I assumed he would do all that but to make sure I put in that statement that he must absolutely do the big lifts and get nutrition right.

Of course kids being kids, he is far more likely to ditch EVERYTHING else everywhere and ONLY work on his forearms.

If however he does everything else right, I see nothing wrong with him taking my advice on board. He's young, he has a good opportunity to develop excellent forearms, those muscles recover well, he can bombard them daily. I think gym bag though, not briefcase, with thick handles.

I hope if he is reading this he gets the point that he absolutely MUST eat well, rest well and work the whole body, NOT just his forearms. IS THAT CLEAR!


I know 14 is right around the age that I started high frequency training for my forearms and wrists, if ya know what I mean...

... Just make sure you switch it up to avoid any left right imbalances.


When I was in school a friend had the same concern with his forearms. He kept a heavy dumbbell in his bedroom and did forearm curls every night. After about a year, his forearms were freaky huge and had incredible vascularity... problem was, it made the rest of him look ridiculous.

Focus on training everything and the forearms will come with time and good nutrition.

But, here is a cheap, easy way to do get started on them now:

Farmer's walk- fill two 5 gallon paint buckets with rocks, etc. and carry them around.


lefty argentine guillermo vilas after playing tennis for 50-odd years.


hahahaha. try jacking off. it worked wonders for me. just remember to switch hit a couple of times.


what's the point? tennis will make you ugly? or that you will end up with one big arm and one little one? either way your screwed.


Where's the "big arm"?


his left, could just be angle. but it looks bigger than the other.