Gaining Flexibility & Forever 5/3/1

Would a guy who has tight hamstrings be able to touch his knee with his head after 5-10 years by simply being active, doing the warmups like DeFranco’s Agile 8, box jumps and throws, and practicing the principles of Forever 5/3/1 or should we should be doing static stretching after we finish our workouts everyday? What do you guys do for flexibility, if anything?

I find that my hips, shoulders, and hamstrings are a bit tight and would like to be very flexible. However, I don’t recall seeing anything about flexibility in Forever 5/3/1 (like doing static stretching exercises) although Jim does stress the importance of being active and doing something every day, even if it’s active recovery, and perhaps it’s being active that will make you very flexible in the long run. Am I missing something? Am I overanalyzing once again?

There are many videos on youtube about this. Not yoga but flexibility videos about how to get to do the splits etc.

Frequency is your friend, even if you stretch for just 5 min each time. Commit to it and you can become flexible pretty fast.

Learn a few stretching routines and do one or two of them daily.

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