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Gaining Fat After a Stopping Fat Burner?


I got a question in relation to the after affects of fatburners...
Just say you take like the recommended dosages of a particular fatburner for like a month, just to cut some fat out and what not. Of this is done on a diet, like not abundance of high calories and what not...

Now my question is, once you have used this fatburner for the month and you havent changed your diet, and you continue as normal for the next month (not using the fatburner), would you gain that fat back, that the burner took away the month you were using it? even though your diet has NOT changed in both months?


I have never used a fat burner,but common sense..once your cycle is over where would the fat come from? Its not going to magically appear after you stop using the supplement. If your diet is clean and healthy and the burner works the way the label states and you do lose fat it is not going to come back. once it is gone it is gone. men and women do tend to accumulate fat more in certain areas of the body, but its not like "on the burner I lost x amount of fat, off the burner I gained it all back"-unless you eat donuts to celebrate.



haha donuts... yeah thanks, i mean like i was thinking that but i just wanted to confirm type of thing, get some other opinions and what not


That is a good question. But doesn't fat burners speed up your metabolism? So after you stop, it might slow down again, and since you won't be changing your diet, you might get the fat back, but slowly.

Oh by the way, nice Bruce Lee pose. :slight_smile:


If you start gaining fat just because you're not taking a fat burner, then you need to take another look at your diet. A fat burner is supposed to speed up fat loss, not be the sole reason for fat loss.


thats true i guess... the whole metabolism ideal was in the back of my mind too... shot for the crit on the pose hehe