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Gaining Diet with Nandrosol

I am 18 years old and I have decided to take nandrosol for a 2 week cycle to see what results I get. i was wondering besides the pound o’ week diet or the get big diet (which I curently follow) what specific tpe of foods, protein should I stick to, to get maximum results. Today was my first day, and have been preparing myself by eating about 3000 calories a day fo the past 2 weeks. What specific things should I do while on this stuff, and whatshould I watch out for. I just wanted to make sure I was doing everythng as good as I could, so i don’t waste my time. Also, I was wondeing if you guys think that eating a ton, woking out 4 days a week (I normally do 3 a week) and taking Nandrosol will really boost me past my curent plateau?What gains should I expect. Thanks in advance

Took Nandrosol for 3 weeks – and gained about 11 pounds. Ensured that I ate at 1 gram of protein a day for every pound I weigh. Didn’t cut back on carbs/fat – if anything maybe ate a little more than I totally did – maybe up to 3 or 4 hundred extra calories per day. Did not workout any more days per week than I normally did,- but did less sets and heavy weight; really tried to max out each set to failure with a spotter. Also, did not do cardio – wanted to make sure all my energy went into lifting weights and growing my muscles.

I keep hearin’ that guys like you and I(18) should stay away from the prohormones for now… I guess if you have like 4 years or so of training under your belt it’s more reasonable… but if I were you, I’d read John Berardi’s Massive Eating articles… first one can tell you what your caloric requirement likely is! Might not work for everyone, but I’m sure it’s pretty damn close! Also heavy weights, lower reps, lots of sleep and lots of protein!