Gaining Check Up

Hello all,

I don’t post too often, but I’m on here pretty frequently. Here’s some background before I ask the questions:

200lbs (ish)
BF probably around 14%
11 months consistent training.

I used to be the bad kind of 240lbs. I dropped down to my lowest earlier this summer at 187, and maintained for about four weeks during late may. I decided I had come as far as I could just cutting, and that it was time to put muscle back on. I was still about 12 or 13% Body fat when I stopped maintained. I’ve gained 13+ pounds in 8 weeks eating 3300 calories per day on training days and about 3000 on off days. I’m just finishing up CW’s Total body training (last week!). My body doesn’t look like I’ve gain too much fat, but I don’t have a way to measure this. Is 13 pounds pretty good for 8 weeks? Too slow?

So far I feel great with this higher intake! I actually am pretty energetic, and able to push myself hard enough in the gym without burning out completely. Thoughts?

The next destination is a week of lower volume work, and getting back into some running. After which I plan to start on the Waterbury Method, still keeping the intake higher.

As far as too fast vs too slow, if you are still happy with how you look and aren’t too fat then you are doing fine with food quantity. If you kept up your pace (13 lbs every 2 months) youd gain 78 lbs in a years time. If even half of that was muscle you would have dramatically changed your level of muscularity. Keep the bodyfat with something you are happy with and keep gaining.

Thats some damn good progress if lean bro kep it up