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Gaining Belly Fat on Cycle

Hey all,

I am 36 years old, 195lbs. Been lifting consistently for 16 years. currently 10 weeks into my 5th cycle in 3 years. current cycle consists of:

100mg deca per week
250mg cyp per week
75mg tren ace eod

Looking for reasons why I have been accumulating stomach fat on this cycle instead of of getting lean. My diet is solid. My intensity and volume is good. Should I include some nolva every day for a few weeks? Could it be elevated estrogen?

Any insight is helpful. Gaining belly fat is the opposite of my goal.


Sounds like water weight to me. When I blast I always lose my abs. I am on TRT and use an AI every week but when I blast I don’t take any. My E2 goes thru the roof for 12 weeks. Not enough to cause any gyno and I believe it helps protect my joints from the increased load at the gym.

Is your Tren real? When I ran Tren I had real issues in getting enough calories to even get fat(er). @hrdlvn is most likely right and it’s just a bit of water.

Positive your diet is good?

This is the first time I have used tren and I introduced it to my regiment about 2 weeks ago. judging by my night sweats and inability to sleep, I am thinking it is good.

How much were you doing? Maybe I should up my dose a bit? i am getting 50-75mg twice a week

What Hrtlvn said. Also i’ve heard tren doesn’t stack well with deca . . . apparently they compete rather than compliment each other. So maybe you’re not getting the full benefit of the tren. I think Greg Doucette has a youtube on that subject.

Two nandralone compounds seems like overkill to me.

Test is low, so bloat should be minimal. Deca can cause bloating though. Maybe consider dropping the Deca. It is probably not doing much for you at that dose.

Deca was recommended to help with joint pain. I’ll get rid of it and see how it goes. Thank you

Very cool. I am going to look it up. I appreciate the info