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Gaining Back Strength After Cutting

Any of you guys had any success cutting a good amount of weight and eventually gaining back your strength from a higher body weight and even increasing it but this time around at a lower bodyweight? I’m coming down I’m cutting some body fat I want to get a lot leaner and I’m doing it slow and I’m doing it right I’m trying to hold on to as much strength as I can. I’m still training the same the only thing that’s changed is the diet. I just feel once the leverages start changing it’s going to be hard to keep increasing my strength or hold on to what I have so I just curious to know if anybody has had success getting stronger again once they reach their goal bodyweight

It depends on how fat you are, how much you cut, and how fast. But when you’re no longer in a caloric deficit you should be able to regain some strength more easily because your glycogen stores won’t be depleted anymore.

Unless you are fat and weak to start with, you will end up weaker after cutting a significant amount of weight. You can still get stronger afterwards, but it will take some time. Losing a small amount of fat might not make much of a difference, but you say

Pretty much all the lifters you see cutting a ton of weight and getting stronger are taking drugs, that changes the situation.

Yeah man I am doing it slowly. I’m training with the intention to not lose strength but I think it will be hard to maintain all of it so that’s what I was asking in terms of coming back up and then some strength wise after I cut. I’m not fat or weak. Looking to lose 40 lbs or so. Just not happy with the way I look in the mirror but love heavy chasing numbers and want to do it again but look better

If you cut 40lbs then you can definitely expect your lifts to go down. That’s the harsh truth. You could eventually get stronger at a lower bodyweight but it will take a while.

Yeah I’m expecting to lose a little bit of strength no matter how hard I trained and slow cut. I was just curious to see if anybody has lost weight and Gotten back to their previous strength but at a lower body weight. That’s what I’m pretty much trying to get at. I know it could take longer