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Gaining and Maximum BF%?

Ok guys,

Whats your take on maximum BF when bulking/gaining? I know C.T recomends trainee’s start at 10-12% BF before attempting to bulk, and not to get much higher than that.Now this all seems well and good BUT what if your a person with a high setpoint? My self in point.Im an Ecto-with some meso tendancies Iv’e always been fat around the gut due to a large amount Of VAT. Now when I started training a year ago I was out of shape and “fat” at least round the stomach and face, So I dieted down for 4 months and got to a repsectable BF% of 15%( seems to be my setpoint)Now I “could” have gone on dieting and maybe got my BF to 10-12% (Though iv’e never been that thin or even tried) However I decided to bulk to 20% BF and add’ 40.lbs to my frame.Shortly after I maintained my weight for 12 weeks and am now attempting to shed the lard! :wink: So in my case according to thib I guess I should spend the next 6 months dieting down to 10-12% and gain slowllllllllyyyyy and pateintly after that.

So what about you guys!? is there a right/wrong approach to this? and what do you all think I should do? “cut” down to 10-12% and never ever let my self get above 15% again or perhaps just go back to 15% and then “bulk” upto 20%?

Personaly I BB for size and aesthetics so to me Im more intrested in being 300lbs at 15% BF then 200 lbs @ 5% BF.


There are no hard and fast rules, it’s whatever you are comfortable with and can live with. I would say it is definitely not a rule that you must get to 10-12% before bulking.