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Gaining and Losing in Stages


Just basically trying to get you guys to confirm what I am experiencing , I seem to gain muscle/strength and also lose fat in random bursts, with no change in diet or training , I have thought maybe I’m just paying more attention when I notice but I am pretty consistent in tracking my progress. I have read somewhere that others have theories on this, anyone notice the same thing ?


Nothing unusual about this, I have heard it referred to as the “whoosh” :smiley:

EDIT: Actually I think I got that from a tnation article trying to promote that exact thing - The Growth Surge project


Hormones, stress levels etc. - life factors outside training can have a negative/positive affect on strength, weight, body fat whatever Plus progress in said areas isn’t always linear and can go in spurts.


There are a lot of things that will fall factor in this man. I would suggest that you actually mix up your diet and exercise. Just like moogweasel said above ^^. Hormones and stress levels could have a big effect as well. I also would suggest you get a supplement that would get you to the next edge in your diet. Check this out. https://www.t-nation.com/supplements/master-switch-for-more-muscle-less-fat. Good luck man !