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Gaining 50 Pounds of Muscle?

I am 23 yr old 176 pouns about 20% bodyfat

Ive been training prety seriously for the past 2 years and my fitness is improving greatly… I am curious how long it would take to put on 50 pounds of pure muscle? i always wanted to be built like mike tyson and hes the same height as me but he fought at 220 pounds. Is it possible for me to reach this level of fitness naturally? or would i haved to use gear year round to attain such a physique ?

It depends upon how tall you are, and how much body fat is acceptable to you. 20% is already higher than ideal for a young male adult.

I wouldn’t focus on numbers. Focus on looking good, whatever your scales say. A lot of drug free guys look pretty normal, until they diet down for a show. Pre steroid era ideals… a 6ft tall man in good condition, 10-12%bf from weight training 200lbs. +10lbs for every inch above 6ft, or -10lbs for every inch below 6ft. These levels are quite obtainable for most healthy men, training naturally.

Mike Tyson… he was a beast, for his time. I wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised if he took steroids. He was more heavily muscled than most champion boxers before him, and had that bodybuilder look. He did seem to be quite stocky, with a heavy bone structure, and matured physically quite early.

Tyson used steroids. Getting to 185lbs and 10% bf would be a good initial goal. That’s a 20lb lean mass gain and losing about the same amount of fat - will keep you busy a while.

Hmm are you suggesting that target 220 and 10% body fat is literally out of the realm of possibility naturally and with juice? Or it is possible with juice but not naturally?

you wont need gear at all but man slow down. The best part about lifting is the ride. 50 pounds of pure muscle is in the realm of saying something like “i bench 225 how long would in take me to get to 405?”. The honestly answer is a while. My suggestion is dont worry about that number right now, especially at 175lbs. Just start packing in on.

First off, starting eating like a beast. Try and keep it clean but slip some Wendy’s or something in there once and a while. “No one got huge on chicken and rice” is a quote ive seen before, which is the truth. The only way to get bigger is by excess calories. Don’t eat like a slob constantly, but enjoy yourself, your gains will thank you. Cut back on cardio, to borderline eliminate it. Just a heads up so you don’t get freaked out, you’re going to get a little fatter. Even on a lean bulk. If you have abs theyll fade away a little. this is ok. When you get close to 200, diet down a little, up the cardio, clean up the food, lose some BF. Then repeat. I have literally no clue how long itll take to put on 50 pounds because even on gear that number is huge, so start taking steps and just start working. The results you want will come.

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Where were you two years ago, bodyweight and fat level? And, for reference, what are your current best numbers on the squat, deadlift, bench, row, overhead press, and pulldown/pull-up?

[quote=“ninjalife, post:1, topic:213818”]
i always wanted to be built like mike tyson and hes the same height as me but he fought at 220 pounds[/quote]
I’m no boxing historian, but a quick Google brought up this pic of Tyson weighing in at a smooth 220.

If that’s your target, then, for sure that’s a long-term goal from where you are now. But this isn’t 220 shredded with abs, so I’m comfortable saying you could end up looking similar to that pic, quite some time down the line, without needing steroids.

The key is to remember that you’re young and will be lifting for decades, not months. Bluecollartr8n, one of the best physiques on this site, said he didn’t start training until he was 23 when he weighed 160. I think he’s in his 50s, a bit over 200 pounds lean, jacked, and lifetime natural (fairly certain he’s said that).

But like Tsantos said, before 220, you need to get to 185.

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Wow thanks for so much feed back guys! Now I’m going to be completely honest with you I have had a extraordinary life and it has been quite rough… On top of that I was addicted to drugs 3 years ago and I entered a rehab program and there is where I found boxin g… I lived at a boxing club and they required me to train everyday in exchange for helping me out… So I’m not much into weight lifting but I’ve trained my ass off boxing… Before I entered rehab I was 200 plus with steroids but I was fat and unhealthy… So that’s why I have it it my head to get back in the 200s… So I’m kind of a “beginner” in the realm of lifting. I will take your advice and start doing what I can with what I have… The only thing is I want to be able to pump out boxing cardio with that kind of mass on me… And I don’t mind using juice if I have to get there but I am all natty right now and kind of proud of it… Maybe I’ll never be like mike but it’s good to have dreams! Rigt now for example chest day I do 6 sets of 12 chest 4sets 10 incline 3 sets of 8 db fly 4set of 10 dips and then tricep pull down and the next day is back and biceps with a similar rep scheme and so on… I’ve been trains 2 weeks on 3-4 days rest and light cardio and then blasting again… I train like this because I was cardio efficient muscle would it help if I posted a body pic to show what my body looks like now?

I am not a person to tell them how to live their life in any way, but again since you are asking for input i will give it: Every person I’ve seen who is a successful strength sport athlete, a lot of said the same thing, “Exhaust your natural ability before starting anabolics” You’re new to lifting and already considering using an enhancer. It might not be my place to say, but you are about about to almost literally trade one drug for another.I would say keep on the natty path, get in shape, get strong, enjoy it brother. Box two or three days a week. Lift 3 or 4 as well. Eat good food. Etc Etc. If you want to take boxing more seriously, than start to follow that road.

As for your personal demons, good shit working to over come that stuff man. I’ve been in similar situations, maybe not as heavy as yours, so i am confident to say who ever over comes that shit is a fuking warrior. So keep at it man. “Long is the road and hard is the way”.

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This is me now I’ve been training for 2 months since I last weighed in at 176 and this is just me waking up in the mornings… Now that I look at it I might be less than 20% body fat? I haven’t weighed in for two months so I might be even heavier… The point of this photo is to figure out if I have good genetics and body comp to pack muscle on? I feel I do as I’ve always been thick and strong growing up and thanks for the encouraging words beast ya been a wild ride! #ninjalife represent :smile:

There’s guys who are 300lbs and we’ll below 10%, on juice, so that’s possible.

220lbs and 10% body fat is basically Serge Nubret in the offseason. No walk in the park and while I don’t think that’s impossible you probably need to be gifted (most guys seem to add primarily fat once hitting 200)

I don’t know if you’re untrained and underfed, which are the conditions I’d look for for a 50lbs weight gain (that’s like 80-100 chicken breasts worth of meat you want to add to your frame)

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IMO you can absolutely achieve that goal without steroids. I’m 6’, 31 and I weigh 220 lbs somewhere maybe between 17-20% bodyfat. I was around 185 lbs eighteen months ago at 20-25%. All it took was semi decent training and avoiding junk food while eating larger amounts. No cardio, BTW, and no gear at all. I know everyone is different but my point is I’m sure you can achieve your goal without enhancement. Just be patient and consistent and focus on enjoying the process.

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Today was a sad day weighing in at 165! Maybe that scale is broken but I have had struggles financially that I have just climbed out of and due to that I wasn’t eating very well… I just started eating more this month, see where it goes I started a training log and I’ll keep trying… Really concerned about my cardio diminishing my gains, boxing and building muscle must be difficult

Dude, cuts of meat like shoulders are cheap.

1 big serve or 2 small = 70g protein
Milk is cheap. 2 cups = 15g protein
Eggs, 6= 35g protein

When things are tight, that is enough protein to get by. Then fill the rest of your energy needs will oils and rice (buy a huge bag/can when you have cash so you have it for when you have little money).

Fit veggies in where you can.


Why do you think Tyson used steroids? Many say he didnt

You don’t need steroid to be better today then you were yesterday.

It’s the journey.

And this “gear card” is old and annoying.