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Gaining 30 lbs of Muscle In 5 Months?


30 LBs Muscle Mass Gain In 5 Months? Realistic, or unrealistic. It seemed to me this about what a non-pl'er would put on after 5 months of dedicated training in pling (lots of squatting) at the gym I used to go to.

I was talking to my bio proffessor who is a big health nut, and he said that is only possible with steroids. I disagree, I think 30 lbs of Muscle Mass in 3 months would be roids, 30lbs in 5 months would be impressive, but not impossible for someone of a young age and of a relatively undeveloped physique.


first thing

never listen to a "health nut" about anything


Possible but you would have to be an animal eating huge throughout the day. super intense workouts with plenty of recovery and lots of cardio to keep bf at bay



Not possible for someone who has been lifting for any credible amount of time (say, 2+ years, or even > year), disregarding the muscle memory theory. Possible, I suppose, for a newb, especially a young skinny newb who starts to eat like he means it.

And since when did a dedicated powerlifting approach work best for adding muscle mass?


i think its completely possible
i dont agree with the guy who says cardio though


If you took someone who was once very big but has become detrained, it is possible. Still...30 pounds of dry muscle in 5 months and not just "mass" would be a very impressive accomplishment.


your professor has never heard of I, Bodybuilder I bet


With muscle memory, i would say yes . Without it would be pretty tough. I lost 20lbs over the summer because i stopped lifting, but got back into it here at college, it's been a month and 4 days since i started lifting again and i'm up 10lbs with no noticeable fat gain.

That's if we're talking muscle and increased water retention. 30lbs of muscle without including water weight would be pretty hard to believe without "assistance."


Lets put it this way: 10% bodyfat on a 140 pound, 5"10 guy in a dry condition would be the starting point, "skinny, untrained guy". Now, 10% bodyfat and 170 pounds in dry condition with the same guy could probably win some bodybuilding shows...


Lol. while the mass would make him look a LOT bigger, no one will win a contest at 5'10 170 if they're at 10% bf.


I thought there was some study that found the absolute max amount of muscle (MUSCLE, as in MUSCLE FIBRE, not WEIGHT) was like 0.5 lbs per week?


Believe it or not, not everyone is 250 pounds on stage...


Indeed, but no one takes the stage at 10% bodyfat.


Why is it that it's always the shittiest topics that are brought up over and over again. Every 3 weeks there's a thread that will try claim or refute a claim about the maximum amount of muscle that can be gained in a specific time frame.

How come there are never any threads made by someone who has actually gained more muscle in a time frame than "is physically possible without steroids"??

Who actually gives a shit how much muscle can be gained in a 3 or 5 month period. The people who dwell on potential inadequacy will always be just that, inadequate.


Tim Ferriss did 34 in one month!

Take that!



He did NOT gain 34 lbs of muscle in that time.

Not a fucking chance.


looks like maybe 10-15 lol. Not exactly what I would picture when I imagine a "freak". I wonder how much money he made off that little scam.


Yea - he started with 12 inch fucking arms....

12 INCHES!!!

Newb gains or muscle memory - if it's even accurate.



And imagine, I was just gonna say "who give a fuck" but Bonez put it so nice... You should do well as a lawyer.


"lots" was the wrong word.

Just some morning cardio 4+ days per week because to keep bf low while eating enough to gain that amount of weight you would def need some cardio. plus morning cardio is great for getting appetite up for a lot of people