Gaining 15-20, With the Frame to Do So

never got an answer but this was my start, maybe someone can shed some light.

Coach Thibs,

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately and I am currently about to switch my program. I stumbled across 2 articles that caught my eye and I was wondering if you still recommend them. First off “Supplementation for Newbies” and I ended up ordering these supplements:

Metabolic Drive bars
Surge Recovery
As well as some ABB XXL Hi Calorie drinks 940 cal, 197 carb, 46 pro

I think I’m going to go ahead and order up some Grow! Whey since one of the Surge Recovery was back ordered.
I’m shooting for 4500-500 calories a day.

I currently weigh 185 6’-2" tall and would like to at least be 210.

My current lifts:
Bench 250
Dead 300
Squat 250

Also the program I’m considering is from your article I’ll Be Damned, It Works!, Holistic Training. I have currently been doing a TBT.

Basically I wake up daily at 5:30 and my workout is around 7pm due to long work days. am kind of looking for some structure for taking these supplements and if I just missed the boat and should have gotten different supplements.

The only reason I can think of that I haven’t gained much size is low calorie intake but I am looking to change that with my new batch of supplements and a good cook book.

Thank you for your wisdom and all the information you provide on a daily basis.

Starting on the second week of training, instead of changing it up im sticking consistent with the first weeks plan.

here is the current layout
overhead push press 6x4
jump chin-up 6x4
bottom-up bench 5x4 7s rest
bent bb row 6x4
functional iso bench 10s x4 top 1/3 of extension
yeild iso chin up 20s x4

front jump squat 8x4
power clean from knee level 5x4
bottom up front squat 6x4
sumo dead cluster 5x4
overcoming iso front squat 10s x4
iso roman dead 15s x4

incline db curls
decline tri extension
one arm cable curl
overhead cable tri
bb preacher curl
declin skull crushers


speed bench 5x4
jump pull up 6x4
swiss ball push ups 12x4
seated rows 8x4
eccentric only dips 10s x4
lat pull down 3, 3s pauses 6x4

jump lunge 6x4
jump goodmornings 8x4
siff step lunges 20step x4
3, 3s pause eccentric front squat 5x4
roman dead 10s eccen 5x4

2 - abb activation moves 20x2
4 - stimulation 20 weighted 20 bodyweight

“Current supplementation plan”

wake up at 530 Grow!, 3-BCAA, 1 Flameout

900 drive bar

1200 3-BCAA, 1 Flameout

300 drive bar

500 3-BCAA, 1 Flameout

depending on when i get home from work
600 creatine

700 3-BCAA
workout 4-BCAA during
800 3-BCAA after, scoop Surge Recovery

900 ABB high calorie drink

1000 Metabolic Drive low carb

Also during the day I try to eat as much as possible.
Let me know if you think anything should change to work better.

Short and sweet, 2 months, 185 - 200. Tossed the ABB drinks.

I, BodyBuilder 3 weeks per phase.

non Anaconda protocol

wake up - Grow!
45 - Surge wof, bcaa
15 - creatine, recovery
during - wof
15 - Grow!, creatine
45 - Grow!
before bed - Metabolic Drive