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Gainers, Maltodextrin, and Insulin


Basically I'm in a bulk and I'm trying to add some easy calories by using a gainer. However most of them have maltodextrin as their carb source. I put on fat like its no one's business so I'm trying to be clean about the bulk and avoid gaining any unnecessary fat. Does anyone know the GI or GL of some gainers? Or better yet, does anyone know a good (hopefully affordable) gainer that uses more complex carbs? Thanks.


Malto is a great source of carb for post/pre work out with whey protein. I do not think it is good idea to use as gainer. For gainer make your own by mixing peanut butter, cottage cheese and some protein powder.


Why not scarf down Ezekiel bread with a mixed protein supplement like Met-Rx?


you need the high GI peri/post workout as they are the quickest way to spike insulin, which halts the catabolic processes and starts the muscle repair and recovery process. Most people can even use Malto/dex pwo when in a fat loss phase. If you're prone to fat gain from carbs, simply limit them the rest of the day.


a lot of 'experts' recommend waxy maize (wm). There's a good article about it on the elite site by Justin Harris.


Ona side note I am starting to question exactly how much it really is necessary to spike insulin to the degree in which we have been lead to believe. I'm not saying we don't need to ingest them around that time, I am just starting to think we don't need anywhere near the amount. It seems a littl goes a long way.


The amount of fat you gain depends on your training, the size of your calorie surplus, and genetics (a moot point because you have no control here). Whether a carb is simple or complex has nothing to do with gaining fat (satiety is a different story)


Agreed,I feel bloated if I ingest more than 50 grams of high gi carbs during/pwo.


Haha yeah PWO is taken care of. And I'll actually taken in anywhere from 30g - 160g of fast carbs PWO depending on my goals and the workout i just finished. But as far as the insulin response to a simple gainer I was still wondering if anyone could answer the original questions: what's the glycemic index or glycemic load of a/some maltodextrin based gainers and/or what are some good low GI/GL gainers?


Depends which brands? How much you use etc...
I would just make my own. I use milk protein concentrate and a blender, add some oats and fruits, coconut oil, Superfood...


I'll have to second that, adding a generous amount of steelcut oats is probably your best bet.