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Gainer Powder In Shakes

I have an old ‘bucket’ of gainer powder lying around that dont touch anymore cuz I try to stay away from simple carbs and Ive heard that gainers are particular evil when it comes to messing with insulin resistance. The main ingredients are maltodextrin, whey, & dextrose. When would be the best time to throw this in to shakes in small doses to get rid of it? Breakfast, post-workout maybe? I just cant bring myself to throw it out, since I paid 60 bux for it!

Post w/o

Swallow hard and toss the crap! Then go buy some Grow!

We all make mistakes…

I guess first thing in the morning would be OK, but I second Phil’s suggestion of using it post workout.

Try some Grow. I recently bought 20 tubs of it (for the Velocity Diet) and it is by far the best protein shake I have ever had!